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Innovative Learning Experience

At ESADE we know there’s no single way of enriching management knowledge. We know that people are unique. We know that each subject area or focus has its own set of skills, attitudes and behaviours to foster. And we know that you are at the centre of this matrix.

That’s why we take a Student First approach to teaching.

Our learning system seamlessly blends theory with practice. It fosters the rich interchange of experience, expertise and ideas that diversity of background brings. Student First interweaves debate, case study discussion, simulations, gameplay, teamwork, role-play and tutorials.

It is an approach that also fully leverages the 40+ nationalities in class, our strong culture of entrepreneurship, cross-functionality and collaboration to foster a team player mentality. As well as the management, negotiation and leadership skills that underpin a truly global mind-set.

The Full Time MBA methodology gives you the personalized attention from faculty and career advisors to grow, develop and change. And to fully realise your potential.

Work groups

Work groups rotate each semester and are designed to maximise diversity of gender, nationality, academic and professional backgrounds. The exchange of experience, ideas and expertise in each group will encourage you to experiment with new approaches and broaden your horizons as you tackle new challenges.

Developing Interpersonal Skills and Competencies

At ESADE we have pioneered an innovative mba learning system that accelerates the development of interpersonal skills and competencies.

With input from industry experts, we have modelled 16 competencies that you need to effectively manage yourself and others. And we deliver this skills development experientially, so that you embed each competency as you progress through the curriculum.

Pioneering Learning System With 16 Competencies

Basic competencies

Acquire, understand and critically structure knowledge

Apply knowledge to achieve results

Make decisions and give opinions about complex situations

Know how to communicate information and knowledge and develop the ability to constantly learn

General competencies

Develop strategic and systematic thinking

Show autonomy, independence, initiative and proactiveness

Promote corporate citizenship

Cross-curricular competencies

Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility

Work in teams and collaborate with others

Demonstrate leadership ability

Specific competencies

Understand the complexity of context, in both local and global dimensions

Appreciate and understand diversity

Develop others

Manage teams

Manage change

Develop senior management skills