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ESADE and ISS Iberia renew their collaboration agreement to promote research

ISS Iberia will collaborate with ESADE on a study entitled The Impact of CSR on People Management: Best Practices

ESADE and ISS Iberia have reached a new collaboration agreement under which they will work together on a study entitled The Impact of CSR on People Management: Best Practices, which will be published by ESADE’s Institute for Social Innovation (IIS). The report, tailored to an audience of CSR and human-resources directors, will provide tips on how to develop effective policies to take advantage of the strength and utility of both areas of activity.

Under the new agreement, ISS Iberia has renewed its commitment to participating in the ESADE Assembly of Members, whose mission is to provide information and advice to the ESADE Foundation Board of Trustees on the evolution and needs of civil society. The relationship between the two institutions dates back more than 10 years and, thanks to the new agreement, will be extended for one additional year.

At the signing ceremony, Koldo Echebarria, Director General of ESADE, commented: “ESADE is proud of how our relationship with ISS Iberia has evolved, enabling us to become stronger and adapt to new realities. In today’s rapidly changing environment, we are very pleased to be able to say that our collaboration has reached the one-decade milestone. Our experience shows that an academic institution and a company like ISS Iberia can advance alongside each other, evolving and improving in our respective areas of influence.”

“Corporate social responsibility and people are an essential part of our company’s culture and values,” commented Javier Urbiola, Executive Chairman of ISS Iberia. “Collaborating with an entity of ESADE’s stature in this area reaffirms our commitment to continuing along this path.”