ESADE and the Society of Jesus

The Society of Jesus has been actively involved in the structure and development of ESADE from its beginnings in 1956. Our history is a prime example of the close ties between the Jesuits and key social players: businesspeople, lawyers and other professionals.

ESADE's legal governing body is a community foundation whose board is composed of Jesuits and members of society. A significant number of board members are ESADE alumni.

The appointment of the ESADE Director General is responsibility of the Society of Jesus, whose input, besides inspiring Christian values and Ignatian spirituality, reflects a 450-year-plus tradition of educating leaders for the common good and social change.

The concept of Christian humanism plays a pivotal role in ESADE's humanistic tradition, The development of human and spiritual values, as well as a commitment to justice, is essential. This approach combines with Jesuit philosophy, based on spreading the evangelical word to today's society, and enables individuals with diverse and varied ways of thinking, believers or non-believers, to share and identify with ESADE's values.

ESADE is a member of the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools, the World Association of Jesuit Law Schools and UNIJES, an association of Jesuit universities and higher education institutions in Spain.



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