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The Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE


      The Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE promotes European integration

The Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE Law School is a new project for teaching, research and social debate on European Union (EU) law and European integration. It has been selected by the European Commission, who co-funds this Chair.

The Chair promotes the internationalisation of ESADE Law School by organising debates on current topics such as European contract law, European legal architecture, new norms and institutions of economic governance in the wake of the euro crisis, and the relationship between Spain’s autonomous communities and the EU.

The Jean Monnet Chair at ESADE was inaugurated on Wednesday, 23rd October 2013 at a session with two lectures of Michael Link, German Minister of European Affairs, and Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, Spanish Secretary of State for European Affairs. Both speakers discussed the topic of “Spain and Germany in a Transforming European Union”.

Lines of research:

• Reform of the economic and monetary union and design of a political union

• Power distribution models between the EU and its member states

• EContract law and European integration