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ESADE researchers increase their scientific output by 20 percent in 2015-2016

Last year, ESADE allocated €4.1 million to research, generating a total of 168 academic publications

During the 2015-2016 academic year, ESADE researchers increased their scientific output by 20% over the previous year. ESADE generated a total of 168 academic publications, including scholarly articles (65% of which were published in high-impact international scientific journals), 17 books (eight of which were published by international publishing houses) and 43 book chapters. In addition, 75 papers were accepted by academic conferences and 27 doctoral theses were defended.

“The 2015-2016 academic year was ESADE’s best year ever for research, in terms of both the number of publications and the quality of the research carried out by our faculty,” commented Eugenia Bieto, Director General of ESADE Business & Law School. “These results place ESADE at the forefront of the debate on management science, legal science and social science. They also increase the prestige of our researchers and our teaching team, while also allowing us to introduce in our classrooms new solutions to the problems facing companies and organisations.”


Research that promotes social welfare

ESADE allocated €4.1 million to research during the 2015-2016 academic year, guaranteeing the rigour and innovation of the knowledge conveyed in the school’s classrooms. This research enables ESADE’s faculty to inspire students with the best ideas in their respective disciplines through new content, programmes and materials derived from their studies. It also enables numerous public, private and non-profit organisations with ties to ESADE to improve their decision-making processes and have a significant impact on society.

The research topics explored at ESADE include leadership development, social innovation, public governance and public-private management, the global economy and geopolitics, knowledge management and innovation, entrepreneurship, multinational companies, marketing, tourism, the dynamics of business networks, knowledge engineering, the future of work, economics and finance, labour studies, conflict management and property law.



The influence of ESADE’s research on European policies

During the past year, ESADE has been involved in research-related decision-making processes through various projects of the European Commission. Through these efforts, ESADE has been instrumental in raising awareness about the importance of promoting open innovation environments in Europe. ESADE researchers also participated in research initiatives aimed at improving decision-making in European public policies, for example in the Hercule project to address corruption and the ALICE RAP project on policy approaches to addictions.

In addition, ESADEgeo has taken part in MERID, a project that aims to promote cooperation between the European Union and the Middle East. And finally, ESADE Law School’s Jean Monnet Chair, which was co-founded by the European Union, has been promoting research and social debate on European law since its creation in 2013.

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