Course Details


One academic year full time - 60 ECTS

Start date: 18/09/2023



English + some elective courses in Spanish.

Language learning: Optional classes in Spanish, German, French, and Mandarin Chinese.


Barcelona Sant Cugat Campus

Study tours: January 2024
Internship (optional): 3 - 6 months worldwide

Admissions requirements

Bachelor's degree + GMAT/GRE/TAE + Fluency in English.

Fees: For more information, click here.
Scholarships: A wide range of scholarships available.

* Graduates in any discipline are welcome to apply.


Pursuing a rewarding career in international business

Pursuing a rewarding career in international business

Discover the details of the Esade MSc in International Management program: what you’ll learn, where you’ll travel, who will guide you, and when you can start.

Build the understanding, the multicultural sensitivities, and the leadership competencies to leverage multicultural teams, understand global challenges, and achieve success in international business environments. Specifically, the MSc will empower you to:

  • Build a systemic understanding of a company and manage the paradoxes inherent to international operations.
  • Embrace and manage complexity.
  • Identify global issues and problems and integrate them into core business policies and activities.
  • Develop the competencies necessary to implement global strategies in the different functional areas of a company such as operations, marketing or finance.
  • Build purpose and meaning.
  • Deepen analytical skills and critical thinking.
  • Become a responsible leader who, being aware of the implicit values and impact of all decisions, is committed to building a fairer society, working collaboratively with integrity and fostering diversity, and inclusion, in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Official information

The Esade Master of Science in International Business Management is a 1 year program worth 60 ECTS. Participants who complete the program will obtain the following official university degree: Master of Science in International Management.