International Business Experience


Programme objectives

Students will collaborate in a dynamic and innovative learning environment and sample their professional future. Our program develops global understanding with focus on international business, entrepreneurship and Spanish for foreigners. It’s the perfect environment for high school students looking for an exhilarating and globally inspired experience – all while getting to know one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

  • Visit successful international companies and get an insider’s perspective.

  • Be in touch with young entrepreneurs and new industries.

  • Explore and discover their competences in business activities.

  • Test how to feel in a University environment.

  • Develop a more global mindset.

  • Discover cultural richness and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Barcelona.

Morning seminars

We have morning seminars from 10am to 1pm (Monday to Thursday), and company visits on Fridays. You have three options to select:

  • International Business (Marketing and Finance)

    Taught in English.


    This course will introduce and explore the current landscape and strategies in the world of business. You will consider what helps a brand “to go global” and what other factors are involved in a company’s success.

  • Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship

    Taught in English.


    Design Thinking is a methodology for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks towards an improved future result in terms of innovation, strategic capabilities, processes and, in the broadest sense, management.

  • Spanish Language

    Taught in Spanish.


    The perfect combination of Spanish lessons and fun workshops. Improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary then put it all into practice. Cultural experiences take you beyond the classroom and bring the language to life.

Afternoon seminars

We have afternoon seminars from 3pm to 5pm (Tuesdays and Thursdays):

  • E-Commerce & Technology

    Taught in English.


    E-commerce has exploded in the last ten years and is now core to how the modern world buys and sells goods. In this course, you will be introduced to the size and scope of the industry, identify the main levers and stakeholders and understand the key drivers and the role of innovation in the sector.

  • Marketing & Advertising

    Taught in English.


    Marketing and advertising can make or break the success of any product. Learn how the right packaging, pricing and advertising can set an idea apart from the rest. Dive into the complexities of consumer behavior to develop a winning marketing strategy to promote and sell a new product of your choosing.

  • Spanish Conversation

    Taught in Spanish.


    Interested in improving your Spanish even further? This course, taught by native Spanish teachers, will give students the tools they need to thrive while they are in Spain. Conversational Spanish will be the emphasis, with equal focus on both speaking and listening. Appropriate for students with at least two years of high school Spanish.

ESADE is a Cervantes Institute - accredited institution:

The only international accreditation for schools teaching Spanish as a foreign language provid:

1. International recognition.
2. Promotion of academic programmrd across an international network.
3. Feedback on school activity.
4. Commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


This accreditation guarantees, among other thing, the following key aspects:

> Qualified teachers.
> A curriculum that ensures adequate progress in learning Spanish.
> A methodology adapted to student needs.
> Regular evaluation of courses and programmes.
> An effective process of student guidance and evaluation.
> Promotion of student participation in the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera / Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language) examination at the school (ESADE is an examination centre).
> An efficient student feedback process.