Healthcare Club


President: Helena Khoury
VP Careers: Mariana Hernández
VP Operations: Katelyn Bukeida
VP International: Valentina Cabal
VP Strategy: Geraldo Alcantar
VP Finance: Felipe Naranjo
VP Marketing: Brent Lowe
Consultants: Emiro Surmay, Carlos Alberto Sosa, Madeleine Zerbato and Avenia Lalla

What do we do:

Our objective is to expose the students to the healthcare industry. The club provides opportunity to learn about the industry through various company visits, presentation by guest speakers, treks or field trips and participation in various case competitions. We are preparing students to change the dynamics of industry not only through working in big companies but also exposing them to various entrepreneurial options such as digital apps and upcoming technologies.

Why should you join us:

Our focus is to provide you opportunities to explore the healthcare industry. Our team has organised a company visit, enabled students to participate in MBA summit at Roche, two case competitions to provide insights about the industry and types of jobs available in this industry. The club is focussed on developing your skills to match the requirements of the industry. We will organise various events to increase your knowledge. We are fully committed to help students get internships and full-time jobs and continue the good work done by previous boards and establish ESADE’s renowned reputation in the industry.

Organizations we worked with: