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Esade does more than just respect diversity; it is defined by diversity

The school was founded in 1958 on the belief that business – and society – is fundamentally about human potential. Esade is a place where students of different cultures, nationalities, genders, religions, ages and ethnicities can realize that potential. By removing barriers to inclusivity, and helping all voices to be heard, the school continues to provide a rich and diverse learning environment, where new ideas and new talents can prosper and grow.

International Student Profile: A World of Ideas

Business is increasingly globalised, but there is no such thing as a global business culture. Managing international teams means getting the best from people with very different backgrounds, motivations, assumptions and mentalities. It means finding strengths in differences and uniting to achieve common goals. At Esade, that is an everyday experience.

Talented students from every part of the world join the MBA programme each year. Together with Esade’s international faculty, this varied student body enriches the range of ideas and knowledge on campus.

Esade Women: Cross the Line

We believe that in business careers there should be no limits, no glass ceilings and no uncrossable lines. Women belong in boardrooms and in C-suite roles, in start-ups and in multinationals, helping companies to drive meaningful change.

Esade’s "Cross The Line" campaign is the public face of the school’s efforts to fight for gender equality in business. On campus, initiatives such as the Women Mentorship Programme and the Women in Business Club empower women to achieve their goals by connecting them with role models, support and guidance.

As a result of this, as well as Esade’s scholarships for women candidates, the Financial Times ranked the Esade Full-Time MBA as #1 in Europe and #11 worldwide in its list of the Top50 MBAs for women.

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Esade LGBTQ+ Community: Out and In Business

Esade provides a safe, open and inclusive environment on campus for the LQBTQ+ community. As part of its support for diversity, the school works to open doors and create opportunities for LGBTQ+ students in the business world.

The Esade LGBTQ+ Business Club promotes positive visibility for LGBTQ students, staff and allies. It organizes events, expands Esade’s networks with other business schools and helps it to connect with inclusive companies.  

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Invisible but Essential: Diversity at Esade

When MBA student Emile Kobiyama asked, “What is invisible but essential about Esade?” he inspired this diversity-awareness project. By sharing the varied backgrounds, motivating stories and remarkable journeys of people at Esade, the project gives incoming students a preview of the open and welcoming community they are about to join.

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Actively Supporting Diversity: Scholarships

Esade and its partners actively increase the diversity of the Full-Time MBA programme by offering scholarships to outstanding candidates. As well as talent- and need-based scholarships for women and for candidates from different regions of the world, there is also a specific Esade MBA Students Fund Diversity Scholarship.

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