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Admissions Requirements

ESADE MSc Programmes in Management are challenging, transformative experiences for talented, ambitious graduates. We are looking for candidates with the analytical and problem-solving skills, and the communication and teamwork capabilities, to join a driven, dynamic and diverse cohort of next-generation business leaders.

Academic Background

Before beginning an ESADE MSc Programme in Management, you must have been awarded an undergraduate degree entitling you to undertake postgraduate studies in the degree-granting country. Find out more about this MSc admission requirement here.


The ESADE Masters in Management Programmes are aimed principally at graduates in business management or economics, but graduates from other academic backgrounds could also apply to some of our master programmes.

Please check the specific requirements for the MSc Programme of your interest:



Master in Business Analytics: this programme is aimed at students who have an undergraduate degree in business administration or degrees with a strong scientific or technical foundation, such as engineering, mathematics, statistics, physics, bioinformatics, computer programming, computer science or information systems among others. There will be specific Pre-Programmes depending on your academic background. Business Integration Path (BIP) for candidates with non-business academic background and Pre-Programme in Data Science for those with an academic background in business.

Please check the Pre-Programmes (online) section here for more information.



Master in Finance: this programme is aimed at students who have undergraduate degrees in business administration, economics or other purely technical degrees. In exceptional circumstances, we may consider students with other degrees if the admissions committee considers their curricula adequate. If you do not have an academic background in business management or economics you would be required to enrol in the Pre-Programme in Finance (PPF).

Please check the Pre-Programme in Finance section here for more information.



Master in Global Strategic Management: you must have an undergraduate business degree (business administration, finance, marketing, management, supply chain management, etc.) from a regionally accredited college or university and an AACSB- or EQUIS-accredited business school, and have completed three prerequisite courses:  Accounting, Microeconomics and Finance. There is no Pre-Programme in this master for non-business management profiles, but there is an online module.

Please check the course details section here for more information.



Master in International Management, Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Master in Marketing Management: Graduates in any discipline are welcome to apply. If you do not have a business management or economics academic background you could be required to enrol in the Business Integration Path (BIP). This course gives you a solid grounding in management basics and includes an online module.

Please check the Business Integration Path section for the Master in International Management, Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Master in Marketing Management for more information.


If you have any questions regarding your academic background or any of our MSc admission requirements, please contact the international admissions team (mscmanagement@esade.edu) and request a profile evaluation by sending your CV and your university transcripts, if available.


Proficiency in English is a must. The following English-language level tests are accepted with minimum scores as follows (valid only for two years):


  > TOEFL: 100+ (ESADE's code is 0507)
  > IELTS: 7.0+
  > Certificate in Advanced English: B+
  > Certificate of Proficiency in English: C+
  > PTE Academic: 68+



If you are a native English speaker, or your bachelor’s Degree was taught in English (min. three academic years/at least 120 ECTS), you do not need to prove your level as long as you send us a certificate from your university (e.g. diploma supplement) stating the language of instruction.



No knowledge of Spanish is required but you will take Spanish language classes during the programme (excluding the MSc in Global Strategic Management). You will find detailed information in the section of the relevant programme.



CEMS MIM candidates: secondary education as proof of English is not accepted. A bachelor's degree can be accepted if issued in an English speaking country, by a CEMS institution or by an AACSB/EQUIS-accredited institution.

Please check the CEMS webpage for more information

Professional Experience

Professional experience is NOT a requirement to be admitted to the MSc Programmes in Management. If you have more than two years’ professional experience, you should consider applying for an MBA.