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MSc in Finance

A wise investment

Your future in finance starts here. The ESADE MSc in Finance programme is designed to deliver the knowledge and technical skills that top recruiters are looking for.  

Guided by internationally renowned faculty members, you’ll master essential tools and concepts, and learn to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and data-analysis techniques. You’ll develop core skills that empower you to add value anywhere in the financial sector. And you’ll join one of the world’s best business schools, building a network of contacts on every continent.

The programme is a platform to launch your career. You’ll gain a broad overview of international capital markets and select a specialist track to study in-depth.

When you graduate, you’ll be more prepared, better connected and completely ready to pursue your goals. Whether you want to work in a corporate finance department, banking, asset management, consulting, fintech or even found your own financial startup, the ESADE MSc in Finance is your first crucial step.

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