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ESADE is an international academic institution with over fifty years of history. The main asset of this school are people: faculty members and professionals who nurture reflection, dialogue, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, pioneering research and a valuable contribution to social debate and transformation.

ESADE's key mission is to train individuals to become highly-competent professionals fully aware of their social responsibility. We promote education and research through our Law School and Business School with a firm commitment to intellectual rigour, critical analysis and academic excellence.
The vast majority of ESADE's almost 60,000 alumni are ambassadors of these values in over one hundred countries and hold top-level posts in companies, public administration and the non-profit sector.

ESADE's global prestige stems from its quality education, its international focus and its holistic approach towards professional and personal skills development.

Throughout the years, ESADE has forged deep-rooted ties with the business, economic and social sectors as a platform for education and innovation, as a benchmark research centre and as a stage for reflection and dialogue. What's more, ESADE actively seeks out innovative solutions to the challenges of human resource and knowledge management, corporate innovation and globalisation, entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, as well as the solution of legal problems related to new business challenges.

I'd like to welcome you to our website, where you can discover details of our programmes, faculty and campus life. And should you decide, it would be our pleasure to work with you personally in the pursuit of your personal and professional goals. 


Eugenia Bieto, Director General
ESADE Business School, ESADE Law, ESADE University, ESADE institution
ESADE Business School, ESADE Law
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ESADE Business School, ESADE Law, ESADE University, ESADE institution
ESADE Business School, ESADE Law
Eugenia Bieto, ESADE's Director General, has been linked to the world of entrepreneurship throughout her career. She has been involved in setting up and managing... Read more
  Welcome to ESADE, a global inspiring community

40 people, 17 countries, 6 languages

The diversity of the ESADE community is captured in the corporate video, which seeks to sum up the reality of ESADE by presenting different views from members of its community. Students from different programmes, Professors, Administrative and Services staff, Alumni, members of the management team and others linked to the institution all create a shared discourse that presents ESADE's values, and in short provides a focus on the ESADE community, a diverse and optimistic community that wants to inspire people's futures so all of us together can build a better world.