The BuNeD Research Group is primary focused on the following different, but related domains

Supply Chain Integration

This line investigates the main dimensions underlying the supply chain integration concept, the impact of the different dimensions of integration on firms' performance and the moderating effect of business conditions (i.e. what dimensions are more appropriate under different business environments).

The Extension of Sustainable Practices to Business Networks
The aim of this line is to investigate how companies are implementing sustainable practices and how they are extending them to other supply chain members.


Industry Information Infrastructures

In the last decade there has been a proliferation of industry initiatives, in which the multiple, diverse industry members collaborate to build information infrastructures (IIs). This line of research is focused on the study of 1) the socio-technical processes by which those IIs are built and managed, 2) the influence that, once in-place, those IIs exert on those industries, and 3) the novel and innovative contextualized practices that emerge from the use of those IIs.

Global Operations and Outsourcing

The objective is to investigate the globalization and outsourcing strategies, considering the challenges and barriers that companies face in these processes.