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In the present days, to compete in a global economy, organizations are increasingly establishing business networks with partners. However, the collaboration required to create a business network poses many challenges to governance. Processes, structures, information, systems, and cultures have to be balanced for effective performance. A competitive advantage is usually determined by business networks rather than individual organizations. Such advantage depends on the ability to organize, build and sustain a value for the network rather than a value for each individual organization.

The research group Business Network Dynamics (BuNeD) conducts research on how business networks are built and organized. The research focus of the group is the study of the dynamics (development, growth, and decline) of business networks at the group, firm and sector levels. We approach this research core from the areas of operations, supply chain, information systems, marketing, and organizational theory.

Annachiara Longoni, BUNED Director
Annachiara Longoni, BUNED Director
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