Professional internship

ESADE students complete their studies with an internship at top-level companies.

Professional internship
The Prácticum is one of the novel features of the new Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA, as well as one of the most important students' training experiences.

It consists of professional experience and an apprenticeship that allows them to experience at first hand the reality of an organisation, and to participate in real professional activities that enable them to develop a more tangible idea of what their future professional activity will involve.

The undertaking of the Prácticum is obligatory and it is worth 20 ECTS credits for students.

Bachelor in Business Administration-BBA students have the opportunity to carry out their Prácticum in both national and international companies, in a range of areas and sectors, as well as undertaking a project for the Servicio Universitario para el Desarrollo (Development University Service, SUD) which carries out development projects in Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Did you know that...?

  • 93% of Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA participants find work within three months after their graduation.
  • The main sectors in which they find employment are financial services, auditing, consultancy and mass commodities.
  • 79% find work in Spain and 21% abroad

Anna Brossa
Anna Brossa Xicoy

She did her Practicum in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Audit Department in Hong Kong. After completing the internship, she was put into contact with the firm's global network and offered the chance to participate in a summer internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ New York offices, working in the Banking & Capital Markets Department.
Derek Fernàndez Font
Derek Fernàndez Font

Thanks to Career Services, he carried out his internship in the Press and Public Relations Department at Porsche Latin America in Miami (US). He had the opportunity to find out more about the labour market and lifestyle in the United States as well as the automotive sector in Latin America. After that, he took part in an exchange programme at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing (China).
Manuel Gari Estany
Manuel Gari Estany

He did his Practicum in the Investment Banking Department (M&A) at Goldman Sachs in London. Now, while still in his final year of the degree programme, Goldman Sachs has already made him a full-time job offer.