Bachelor in Law


Two degrees


Official Bachelor in Law (issued by Ramon Llull University)

Diploma in Global Legal Skills (issued by ESADE)


Comprehensive training


Solid legal training: specialisation in public or private law.

Complete curriculum: law + economic/business vision + legal skills.

Innovative methodology: case studies, mock trials, public-speaking competitions, etc.

Unique university experience: outdoor activities, forums, associations, multicultural environment.

Access to international double degrees. 




• Gradual shift from Spanish to English.

• Proficiency in legal English.

• The chance to learn two languages: English + French or German.  


International experience


• Training in other legal systems and in transnational law.

• Semester abroad at one of the top 46 universities in the world.

• International Programme in Transnational Law at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies (London).


Contact with the professional world


91% of our students find work before passing the law practice examination.

Multiple career opportunities.

• ESADE graduates secure public administration posts in record time.

• The average entry-level salary of ESADE graduates is €28,000.



Official degree: from Ramon Llull University

Double degrees: Joint Certificate in International and Business Law awarded by the Themis network, and time spent studying at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London

Information about the oficial degree

Duration: 4 years

Number of credits: 240 ECTS + 30 ECTS optional Global Legal Skills

Number of places: 40

Teaching languages: Spanish section. 37% os the subjects are taught in English and students have the option of studying the 1st semester of the 4th year entirely in English. Global Legal Skills diploma taught 90% in English.

Language learning: English and French or German.

Professional internships: Practicum in the 4th year.

Location: Barcelona-Pedralbes Campus

Exchange programme: in the 1st semester of the 4th year in America, Asia, Europe or the Middle East

Admission requirements: prospective students must either be in the last year of high school taking any of the options + passing university access exams in June.

Admission process: application form + documentation + academic record for the last 4 years + admission test + interview (optional) + passing university access exams in June

Admission period: before completion of the last year of high school, between October and May

Fee for the 2018-2019: €16,200

Grants: ESADE awards a wide range of grants.

Study loans: ESADE has signed an agreement with Banc Sabadell to offer an interest-free loan.