The ESADE venture creation programme EWorks has been created to provide resources and services to ESADE students’ new ventures

  EWorks is based on three fundamental pillars:


EFounders Meetups, a meeting point with successful entrepreneurs to allow students to pitch their ideas and receive constructive feedback.

Entrepreneurs, advisers and experts will serve as mentors for programme participants. The aim is for students and recent graduates to present their business ideas and for the experts to support and give them advice on their proposals. These series of meetings will be held fortnightly. Of all the ideas presented, only the best will be accepted to take part in the EAccelerator.


ESpace, a co-working space in which to develop projects.

Teams will be able to work on their projects in ESpace, a co-working facility to help them to develop their projects and for future entrepreneurs to get together.


EAccelerator, an incubation space where participants can develop their ideas for three full months.

For three months, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs linked to EEI will guide participants to help them further develop their ideas. Week after week, they will give students challenges and objectives that the latter will have to complete to make their business a reality. When the three months are over, students will present their projects at the Demo Day Final, an important event in which various investors will sit in on the presentations and meet up with the teams whose ideas they liked the most to discuss possible investment terms.

Con esta iniciativa, amplía aún más su apoyo al mundo emprendedor conjuntamente con el Entrepreneurship Lab. Por ello, el MBA de ESADE es 10th Best worldwide in Entrepreneurship, según el Financial Times.

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