MBA Student Association

MBA Student Association
Who we are
We are the student elected body that represents immensely talented ESADE MBA students. We create a balanced and participatory environment in which the students, program management, faculty and other stakeholders work together in maximizing the MBA experience for everyone involved. 
What do we do
We provide a platform for the students to get involved with the ESADE MBA community. We act as the bridge between MBASA clubs, organize events – be they educational, professional, or social. We constantly improve the structure and operations of the student association. 
Why should you join us
If you would like to give back to your immediate community, while developing leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem solving skills AND having fun in the process – this is the club for you! You will receive the opportunity to put forth your initiatives and make it happen. You’re expected to be the voice of the student community, networking and collaborating with a diverse set of people in the process. As part of MBASA, working closely with the entire ESADE ecosystem will enable you to build a stronger network that will benefit you through and after your MBA journey. Get set for the rollercoaster ride! 
“It’s been an incredible journey since September. As President of MBASA, I love bringing people together and the part I play in aligning the goals of the board. My primary focus is to enhance collaboration and communication within the ESADE ecosystem. My role is to facilitate initiatives and enable ideas from the talented student community and see to it that they are put to good use, improving the class and the programme as a whole. I am gaining a better understanding of how different people work best together, complementing each other with the goal of strengthening this amazing programme and thus, the MBA experience of every individual student.”
Ziaulhaq Soofi

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