12-15-18-Month MBA Options

Looking to change career direction? Want to start your own business and get back to work as soon as possible? Whatever your career plan, our MBA is designed to meet your requirements.

Most people choose to take advantage of everything that an ESADE MBA has to offer over 18 months. Others have professional commitments that require a more streamlined 15-month programme. In other cases, where the academic requirements are met, 12-month MBA “fast-track” programme is possible. Your final course length decision won't be required until as late as the end of Term 3, in around April/ May.

Irrespective of the format you select, all participants start the Full Time MBA at the same time, graduate together, and are required to complete the same number of credits. (90 ECTS).

"The 12-month track offers me the opportunity to minimize my time outside of a dynamically changing industry and job market while I complete my MBA. It allows me to enjoy student life and learning while keeping a finger on the active pulse of the markets. I can return to the job market extremely quickly with an enhanced repertoire of skills that would usually take 2 years to acquire."
Kirk Bullock, USA
Full Time MBA, Class of 2016
[12-month track]
"The 15-month track fits well with the hiring period for full-time positions and doesn’t keep me out of the market for too long. The experience of doing an internship is important for me, and I also want to have time to enjoy the electives and develop an interesting business plan."
Fabio Fonseca, Brazil
Full Time MBA, Class of 2016
[15-month track]
"I decided to do the 18-month track so I could enjoy the full ESADE MBA experience. In this time I will be able to do an internship, an academic exchange in a partner school, complete two specialisations (Marketing Lab and Innovation Lab) and, towards the end, secure a full-time position in a global company."
Oriana Barra, Venezuela
Full Time MBA, Class of 2016
[18-month track]

(*) By opting to take the 12-month format of the MBA, students commit to fast tracking their MBA, completing the same number of credits as their peers in a shorter time.

Priority must be given to core subjects during term time, with elective subjects being limited to those that can be carried out over the intense summer period (June-September), to allow students to complete the necessary workload in the allocated timeframe.

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