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SeaConnection Social Club

SeaConnection Social Club

Who are we:

We are a diverse group of ESADE MBA students that are deeply passionate about the ocean and it’s essential place in our world.



Michèle Schuler, Luciana Jácome, & Katie Gaudin - Co-Presidents:
Hedwin Maguiña - VP of Events
Abhishek Vigh - VP of Operations
Lisa Berenschot - VP of Marketing, Communications and Tech
Siyi Ma - VP of Funding and Finance
Vinícius de Carvalho - VP of Research and Partnerships

What do we do:

We promote vibrant seas by empowering communities to take positive action, explore the underwater world, and adopt sustainable habits.

Why you should join us:

The health and wellbeing of our oceans and seas is imperative to Earth and Human existence. By getting to know the ocean with us, you not only can connect, appreciate, and learn to support sustainable oceans, but you can experience the personal empowerment that comes from exploring the deep blue sea.