Marketing Club

Marketing Club

Who we are:

We are marketers with passion, creativity and expertise from a diverse range of industries such as Consumer Goods, Advertising, Technology, Oil and Gas and much more. As one of the largest and most exciting clubs in the ESADE MBA, we create various amazing events to unleash the marketer in everyone.


Lucy Jun - President
Colin Withers - VP of Careers
Franco Bringas - VP of Communications
Ani Palomo - VP of Education
Alex Edison - VP of Events
Kim Canavaggio - VP of Planning

What do we do:

We provide opportunities for our members to learn about marketing, grow their network, and amplify their chances to secure full-time employment as a marketer. These opportunities include events like personal branding workshops, digital marketing workshops, marketing expert guest speaker sessions, peer to peer mock interviews, and networking opportunities with international and local marketing companies via company visits and treks. Ultimately, we strive to build an army of modern marketers that are ready to tackle today’s most complex business challenges.

Why should you join us

Joining the Marketing Club gives you opportunities to maximize your marketing knowledge – whether you are already a marketing professional or are looking to switch careers. It also provides you an exceptional advantage to reach your goal of achieving full-time employment as a marketer. And, we focus on having fun while doing all of this! Do not miss this great chance to unleash the marketer in you. Join the Marketing Club!