Consulting Club

Consulting Club


Praseeth Sethumadhavan - President
Caio Diniz - VP of Education
Sabrina Bernal - VP of Careers
Moritz Rosenkranz - VP of Events
Maria Calleja - VP of Finance & Operations
Hector Meza - VP of Special Projects
Christine Reisig - VP of Communications & Marketing

What do we do:

Build Industry Insight
Provide an in-depth understanding into the various roles of consulting through engagements with industry experts.

Develop Skills
> Support members to secure internships and full-time positions by organizing application reviews, mock interviews and case interview workshops.
> Provide opportunities to solve real business problems through case competitions and consulting projects with local companies.

> Organise business treks to visit leading consulting firms.
> Establishing relationships with the ESADE community. 

Why you should join us:

The Consulting Club is dedicated to introducing members to the world of consulting and providing business skills like complex problem solving that are transferable to all industries. 

Organizations we worked with: