ESADE Careers Team: Who We Are

Maria Obiols, Director – ESADE Careers

Since early 2018, I have been the Director of ESADE Careers, a position that combines the two sectors I am most passionate about – education and human resources – and also incorporates a strong business view. Previously, I worked for about 12 years as the Human Resources Corporate Director at Desigual, where I created the department that supported to Desigual’s development during the years in which the company grew from 100 to 5,000 employees and from €15 million to €890 million in turnover in more than 50 countries. Before that, I worked at Inditex (1998-2004), first as part of Zara’s international human resources team (Spain, Canada and France). For my last four years with the group, l led the human resources department when Inditex’s new lingerie brand, Oysho, was created. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (University of Barcelona), a Master in Human Resources (EADA) and an Accelerated Executive Development Program, Executive Management Business (IMD Lausanne).

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María José Verastegui, Director – Employer Engagement

I first worked for ESADE Careers as a professional advisor and more recently as Careers Director for the MSc, CEMS and BBA programmes. In my current position, Director of Employer Engagement, I lead a team whose main goal is to build relationships with companies around the world in order to enhance job opportunities among MBA, MSc, CEMS, BBA and Double Degree students. Throughout my experience, I have dealt with companies in various sectors and regions. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Education and a Master in Human Resources and Corporate Management, as well as a Master in Management Development from ESADE. Before joining ESADE, I worked in consulting and as an advisor to European Community programmes.

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Carmen Gonzalez, Associate Director – Student Engagement (MSc)

In my 15 years of professional experience in the human resources sector, I have always worked in a human resources department in the United Kingdom. In 2006, I returned to Spain, where I worked at Michael Page International as a recruitment manager. In this role, I led a team of consultants and managed recruitment processes for a diverse portfolio of multinational companies. I have worked at ESADE since 2011 and my role is to help students build a successful professional career. In my current role as careers programme lead for all MSc students, I design and deliver training activities to help students develop their careers and provide one-on-one coaching. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Barcelona, a Master in Human Resources from the University of Edinburgh and a CTI Co-Active Coaching Certificate.

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Karinna Rubio, Associate Director – Student Engagement (MBA & CEMS)

For the first seven years of my career, I worked at a US company, developing the European market. I later specialised in human resources by establishing a recruitment consultancy where I spent six years recruiting managers from all professional sectors. I hold a Master in International Relations and HR Strategy, and I am also a graphologist. I joined ESADE as the BBA, MSc and CEMS Associate Director in 2012. My main role is to advise and train students. I have been the CEMS Corporate Relations Manager for two years and have been the MBA programme lead since June 2017.

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Eleanna Stratakou, Associate Director – Student Engagement (BBA & Double Degree)

With 10 years of experience in human resources at international companies, I am a professional who is passionate about talent management and training and development.

I started my career in recruitment consultancy before working as a human resources generalist at Xerox and Kraft Foods, where I managed a wide variety of tasks ranging from induction and training of employees to compensation and benefits management.

I joined ESADE in 2012 and currently work as the careers programme lead for the BBA and Double Degree programmes. My role consists in designing the training and coaching curriculum and coordinating professional development activities with the department’s main stakeholders.

I hold a Bachelor in Business Administration and Applied Foreign Languages and a Master in Human Resources from the University of Barcelona.

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Sandra Enzler, Associate Director – Student Engagement (Law)

I have led Career Services at ESADE Law School for 15 years now. I have advised and trained more than 1,500 alumni – both before and after graduation – on how to organise their professional careers. As Corporate Development Director, I always kept in touch with the legal sector in order to connect the professional and academic worlds.

After graduating with a law degree, I worked as a lawyer for several years. I later completed a Master in Community Law, a PhD, a Postgraduate Degree in Human Resources, and several executive training programmes. My academic background and work experience provided me with the right skills to gain an in-depth understanding of the legal sector, to train and advise our students to help them succeed as professionals, and to guide potential companies in their recruitment efforts at ESADE.

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Puri Cabezas Castro, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Industry)

I have worked in various roles at international business schools for over 20 years. For the last eight years, I have been working at ESADE Careers, where I help students implement effective job searches and offer professional advice tailored to each programme: MBA, MSc, CEMS, BBA and the Double Degree. My role also includes strengthening relationships with ESADE’s main recruiters and developing collaborative relationships with new companies from a wide variety of sectors, especially retail, fast-moving consumer goods and energy.

I am currently serving as industrial sector lead, a role that involves working with companies in the manufacturing, healthcare, tourism, heavy industry and conglomerates sectors. This role presents two main challenges: advising students who are interested in pursuing a career in one of these sectors and building relationships with companies from all over the world in order to broaden the professional opportunities available to our graduates.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Studies, an MBA in Tourism, a Postgraduate Degree in People Management and a Master in Human Resources.

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Georgia Garriga, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Industry)

Since joining ESADE in 2013, I have overseen talent recruitment strategies and corporate development in the automotive, energy, heavy industry and transportation sectors, where I have built up relationships with core recruitment companies. I have been working in the human resources consultancy sector for over 10 years and have led recruitment processes in a wide range of sectors while leading recruitment teams and maintaining a strong pipeline of talented candidates. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master in Human Resources.

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Kristina Kind, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Industry)

I joined ESADE Careers in 2011. My main role is to develop and maintain strong relationships with companies from all sectors in order to provide them with the best talent. My broad experience in international teams and the knowledge I have gained in various sectors and functional areas has provided me with an excellent business vision and outstanding costumer orientation.

I began my career in the marketing department at Engel & Völkers, providing support to more than 60 franchise holders in their marketing activities in order to ensure the corporate identity and develop an online marketing strategy in the Spain and Portugal.

I later co-founded BCNjoy, an events and tours agency based in Barcelona. I kept growing professionally by working for eDreams and RTA Travel Group as a project manager, where I led the organisation, supervision and execution of big events, conferences and incentive tours. I have completed a vocational training course in tourism organised by the TUI Travel Company in Germany, a Bachelor in Business Administration from Hochschule Bremen and, more recently, a Postgraduate Degree in Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition from the University of Barcelona.

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Ibana Larrubia, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Industry)

I first started working at ESADE Careers in 2014. Back then, I designed talent selection strategies and promoted the fast-moving consumer goods sector by developing strong relationships with leading companies at the national and international levels.

I also worked to enhance students’ professional development by organising and implementing individual training and advising sessions. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I worked as a teacher and programme manager for in-company programmes at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, which gave me a global vision of students’ needs and companies’ requirements. My personal commitment to the education sector is rooted in my passion for the development of people, with the aim of encouraging students to work for better and more socially responsible leadership. Since January 2018, I have been responsible for building relationships with new companies in the fast-moving consumer goods and healthcare sectors with the aim of matching the talent of our candidates with the best opportunities in the job market.

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Claudia Mercuri, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Industry)

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy of Mind (cum laude), with a focus on learning processes, as well as an MBA with a specialisation in human resources. I have broad experience as a project director at top Italian and Spanish human resources consulting firms. Throughout my career in the consulting sector, I have developed and led various training projects, selection processes and development plans at multinational companies operating in a variety of sectors. My career has equipped me with the necessary skills to help students develop a career plan and successfully complete the selection process at companies in different sectors.

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Bruno Reis, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Consulting Services)

I joined ESADE Careers in 2015 and have been responsible for consulting sector placement ever since. I am in charge of establishing long-lasting relationships with key strategic, management and IT consulting firms while providing direct help to ESADE students in the form of mock interviews, counselling and more. I also coordinate the Career Acceleration Programme in Consulting, now in its fourth edition, which aims to provide MBA candidates with the necessary tools, insights and connections to successfully launch a career in consulting. With over 18 years of experience, I have worked in investment banking (Morgan Stanley) and strategic consulting (A.T. Kearney) and held several strategic planning and finance roles in the private healthcare services sector. I have also had an enriching experience in fashion retail, where I have served as country manager and held business development responsibilities in three European countries. In addition to a Bachelor in Business Administration, I also hold an MBA from ESADE Business School and have Executive Credentials in Leadership from INSEAD.

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Kathrin Stöhr, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Consulting Services)

I have worked as a human resources consultant for the last 10 years, mainly for Boyden Executive Search in Mexico and Chile. Before that, I worked for four years at DHL Global Forwarding, developing air and sea freight routes between Chile and the United States, as well as at Ultramar Agencia Marítima. I began my career at the conference and touring firm Kuoni in Berlin as a junior project manager, organising corporate events mostly for pharmaceutical companies with groups of over 1,200 people. I joined ESADE Careers in February 2018 as a member of the consulting team. My main focus is on developing and creating new partnerships with top national and international consulting firms in order to offer a wider range of opportunities to ESADE’s top talent. In order to enhance students’ performance in their interviews, I organise mock interviews as well as other coaching activities.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from the Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland).

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Naomi Williams, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Consulting Services & ONGs)

After joining ESADE as a programme manager in the Executive Education Custom Department in 2012, I became part of ESADE Careers Employer Engagement team in July 2016. My main role is to build strong relationships with international recruiters from the consulting and NGO sectors and to help students achieve their maximum potential by kick-starting their careers. I previously worked as a trade officer at the Dutch General Consulate in Barcelona, promoting trade relationships between Spanish and Dutch firms. Before moving to Spain in 2017, I worked as a training deployment advisor and as a knowledge management consultant at EY in the Netherlands, where I was responsible for organising events, training courses, and marketing and communication projects. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communication and Journalism. I also work as a coach (International Coach Federation) and have international experience in the Netherlands, the Caribbean and Australia.

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Xenia Jarque Molins, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Financial Services)

I joined ESADE in 2004. Since 2009, I have been developing relationships with recruiters in sectors such as banking, technology and non-governmental organisations in Europe and the United States, and more recently in Latin America. I have worked with Spanish lawyers (Garrigues Abogados), international consultants (now Oliver Wyman) and economics PhD researchers (European University Institute) in Spain and Italy, identifying critical information for clients, projects and academic research. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management and am currently focused on developing strategic relations with financial services recruiters.

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Carlos Larred, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Financial Services)

I started my professional career at Roche Diagnostics and Engel & Völkers, where I acquired extensive knowledge of human resources departments (recruiting, training, payroll, etc.). I later joined the leading international headhunter Hays, where I developed the construction and real-estate sector and oversaw the business development and recruitment processes.

I later joined the KLB Group, a leading French multinational specialised in project implementation with extensive experience developing projects for engineering companies. As a business unit manager, I was in charge of the department’s business development, recruitment and financial controlling. I oversaw a group of 70 engineers on in-house projects.

I joined ESADE in March 2018 as a financial services business developer. In this role, I develop relationships between top recruiters in the financial sector and ESADE. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management.

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Vera Moser, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Financial Services)

I started my career at Siemens Management Consulting in Germany, where I acquired expert knowledge in recruitment. Five years later, I joined ESADE, where I developed relationships with the main recruiters in the consulting and financial services sector. At the same time, I advised students on the job-search process by leading training sessions, teaching search strategies and conducting mock interviews. I am currently working with financial services companies and training students in all of our programmes who wish to pursue a career in this sector. I thrive on finding the best possibilities for our students to connect with companies and work enthusiastically towards my objectives.

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Adam Smart, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (TMT, Startups, Analytics)

I began my career as a consultant in London, where I worked in investment banking. My role was to place experts in roles such as front office, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and equity research. I later founded a company in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector. In 2012, I obtained my MBA at Warwick Business School and worked for two years in the school’s corporate relations department. In 2014, I joined ESADE, where I work as a TMT sector lead. In this role, I work with TMT companies as well as with students who wish to pursue a career in the sector.

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Franziska Ewald, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (TMT, Startups, Analytics) / Business Development India

I am currently part of the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) team, where my role is to find perfect “matches” between companies and students. I am also responsible for building relationships with Indian companies in all sectors, with the objective of strengthening ESADE’s position in this fast-growing international market in order to enhance job opportunities for our Indian students. Before joining ESADE Careers, I worked as a Programme Manager on the Full-Time MBA for more than four years, coordinating academic activities and helping students of more than 50 nationalities to find a successful path in their personal development and complete their studies successfully.

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master in International Business and Economics in Germany and an MBA and a Master in Corporate Social Responsibility in Barcelona. I have always been passionate about the education sector. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I worked for my university in Germany. Aside from Barcelona, I have also lived in Mexico and Thailand and I travel to India frequently – and this makes me even more passionate about international management.

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Kimberly Tombarelli, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (TMT, Startups, Analytics)

I joined ESADE Careers in 2006 and am currently a part in the employer engagement team for the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector. I have previous professional experience in sales, project management, product marketing and business development. I moved to Europe in 2000 with the aim of exploring numerous employment opportunities in a new country. My first job here in Spain was at Azlan, a company owned by the Fortune 500 group Tech Data. I worked there for six years and contributed to the company’s expansion in Spain. I hold a double degree in business administration and Spanish and have completed the Programme in Management Development (PMD) here at ESADE.

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Silvia Argilés, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Law)

I currently work as a legal sector lead, with the goal of establishing strong relationships with law offices, legal services and public institutions. I am also responsible for helping recruiters in their search for junior profiles, which increases employment opportunities for our students. My role also involves advising ESADE Law School students who are interested in this sector. Since joining Career Services in 1993, I have advised students, organised mock interviews, designed training courses and oriented students on how to manage their careers, among other tasks. Although I later focused on law students, I also have worked with ESADE Business School and its students. As head of internships, and later as head of the Lic&MDE programme, I have developed corporate relations to increase the internship opportunities available to students and help young graduates get a foothold in companies. I have assisted both Spanish and international students interested in a range of different sectors.

At the start of my career, from 1987 to 1992, as a student trainee in the field of the public relations I worked in the office of the Secretary General and the Public Relations Department at ESADE. I later took a gap year to work at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in London.

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Isabel Roca Priante, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Law)

Since 2003, I have helped graduate students and alumni to plan their career paths (job search strategies, mock interviews, sector-specific information, salary negotiation skills, etc.). I have also managed and built relationships with recruiters from law firms and other organisations that need professionals from the law sector. After graduating with a degree in law, I started my career as a labour lawyer, working at law firms and international companies as a director of human resources and industrial relations.

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Elisabet Pons Pratdepadua, Associate Director – Employer Engagement (Law)

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a focus on human resources and a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing Management. Before joining ESADE in April 2015, I gained experience in selection processes and business development. I have always liked gaining experience in different geographical regions; after living in Madrid, Malaga, Luxembourg and Milan, I decided to return to my hometown of Barcelona. For my first three years at ESADE, I worked as an officer in the International Relations Department and Law Career Services. I later became a career advisor in Law Career Services, a role in which I mainly help students in the Bachelor in Law, the Bachelor in Law and Global Governance, and the Double Degree in Law and Business Administration. My role consists in advising students from ESADE as well as international exchange students, reviewing their CVs, organising training sessions, and managing international internships in several fields, including international organisations, think tanks and law firms.

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Dana Sanjuan Quer, Coordinator – Administrative Team

I joined ESADE Careers in 2009. Since then, I have executed a wide variety of duties within the department. I have taken part in back-office projects and have managed the logistics of recruitment fairs for five years. This experience has helped me develop excellent skills for communicating with companies, organising on-campus corporate presentations, and arranging interviews between students and companies. I am the coordinator of the administration team, but I also manage part of our corporate relations and control the department’s budget. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Before joining ESADE, I worked at a company in the market research sector and at the Honorary Consulate of Lithuania in Barcelona. I also have experience writing articles for tourism magazines.

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Ainoa Fernandez, Project Manager

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Labour Relations from Pompeu Fabra University and a Master in Human Resources Management from EAE Business School. I joined ESADE Careers in 2007 and since then I have managed various projects and taken on various roles. As a project manager, I have taken part in various communication tasks, such as updating the ESADE Careers website and preparing our weekly newsletter. I have also provided support in the organisation of meetings, sessions and training courses, as well as various back-office tasks such as creating reports to analyse results.

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Mercè Ogaya, Project Manager

I am responsible for the organisation of recruitment fairs. In this role, I liaise with companies and students and organise the logistics for the events. I also co-lead the CV Book project, a compilation of up-to-date CVs of ESADE students that we share with companies in order to assist our students in their job search. Finally, I manage the department’s financial tasks, including budget proposals, expense control, and sending invoices to suppliers and customers. I have been working at ESADE for 18 years and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

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Montse Parellada, Officer

I correct and validate all job offers published on our Jobs Portal, with the aim of enhancing the job-search process for our students with high-quality offers. I also manage internship agreements for all ESADE students and handle general back-office tasks such as helping to organise recruitment fairs. I have been working at ESADE since 1992, providing support to the Careers team, companies, students and alumni through various career-related tasks.

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Susana Motilla Sabaté, Officer

I have worked at ESADE Law School since 2005. I provide support to the Career Services team in various tasks involving students in ESADE Law School’s bachelor, master and postgraduate programmes. I also collaborate with law firms, companies and institutions. I am responsible for posting job offers on the ESADE Jobs Portal, managing internship agreements, and organising events, sessions, training courses, seminars and recruitment fairs. I also provide support to the Board of Directors at ESADE Law School.

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Alba Alonso, Business Analytics

I joined the ESADE Careers team recently. Digitalisation and data are my passions. As the person responsible for data analysis in my department, my main goal is to obtain insights that enable us to offer better services to students and companies.

I have a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Master in Digital Business. I am also a tutor in the Data Analytics Master at ISDI. I developed my career in consulting in Indra (Minsait) and Everis. I have participated in technology, data and digital transformation projects at top companies such as TSB, Banc Sabadell, SegurCaixa, Mango, Pronovias, Volkswagen, Almirall, NH Hotels and Cobega.

I am convinced that the ability to understand data is necessary in order to guide business-related decisions. I am also very fond of the disciplines that make this evolution possible, such as big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Bohdan Marchuk, Business Analytics

I have been a business intelligence analyst at ESADE Careers since early 2018. My main role is to collect and analyse placement data on students in all of our programmes: BBA, MSc, MBA and CEMS. I also create reports, manage Symplicity and collaborate on various internal projects. Before joining ESADE, I worked as a sales control analyst in an international company that worked with Italian cosmetic and perfume licences. I am originally from Ukraine but have lived in Barcelona for many years and I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Barcelona.

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