Open Programmes

Update your legal knowledge and receive training in specific areas

ESADE’s ESADE Law School offers continuing education programmes designed for active professionals seeking to update their knowledge or add specific legal knowledge to their professional profile.

These immersive programmes take a deep dive into specific legal topics, enabling you to master the material in a short period of time. On completion of one of these programmes, you will be qualified to provide high-level expert advice in the corresponding area.

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Transfer Pricing

Learn about valuation methods for transfer pricing in transactions between companies and the various aspects involved in such transactions, as well as the Spanish tax regulations and OECD guidelines on this topic.

Management for Lawyers

Discover business management techniques that will allow you to raise your profile within your organisation, participate in strategy development and decision-making, and optimise the management of your own office and teams.

Personality rights in the information society

The digital age and social networks have revolutionised the concept of privacy. Learn all about the rights associated with an individual’s image, privacy, honour, etc., in today’s context.

Ciberseguridad y compliance tecnológico

In this module you will learn to identify threats and risks associated with the use of technology, especially in everything related to cybernetics and social engineering. The methodology associated with technological compliance will allow you to assess the probability and impact of a risk, identify the measures and controls necessary to detect or mitigate a risk, conduct tests to know the effectiveness of a control, calculate the mitigating weight of a control and creating and maintaining a repository of evidences.

Online advertising and marketing

Learn about the various formulas for promoting products and services online, from the most advanced forms of advertising to marketing strategies adapted each user’s profile.

Corporate Compliance Intensive

Add differential value to your career with this specialisation. Become a compliance officer – a key profile with excellent future prospects in companies and organisations.


Learn about the preventive and reactive means of enforcing our rights in civil and criminal matters, as well as alternative conflict resolution systems, which becoming are increasingly important.

Business restructuring operations

Practical training on the rules pertaining to mergers, spinoffs, asset transfers and the trading of securities, as envisaged in the Business Tax Law. Essential content for anyone wishing to specialise in tax law.


Become an expert in mergers and acquisitions at the global level. Master the legal aspects of complex international transactions and gain an in-depth understanding of the venture-capital world.

Real-estate law

Provide guidance on international real-estate transactions in both the residential and office markets, as well as on complex transactions involving hotels and commercial space.