Esade Master in Global Strategic Management

A unique dual degree, multi-continent program for recent business graduates

Due to continued travel restrictions to and from China, the Global 3 program has been suspended for the 2023-24 academic year. Updates on admissions for future years will be posted as soon as circumstances permit.

International Experience

You will experience business in 3 cities, across 3 continents and in the context of 3 world-leading business schools, all in 1 transformational year

Global Mindset

You become part of a truly trans-national community of global business excellence. You build the knowledge, skills, and resources to accelerate your career in global business. You develop a truly global mindset.

2 Degrees + 1 Certificate

You earn two official degrees from two world-leading business schools: Esade in Europe and the McIntire School of Management in the USA. You also take away a certificate from one of China’s most prestigious business institutions: Lingnan (University) College.


  • pat

    Patrik Balint  


    MSc in Global Strategic Management 2022 

    Our class consisted of 49 people from 17 different countries. I am not sure how it can get any more diverse than that. I had an amazing experience and learned a tremendous amount about cooperation through different cultures. 

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