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Admissions & Financing

Admission requirements

  • Requirements to enter PhD

    (via MRes)

    You will be initially registered for an MRes which will comprises the specialized research coursework of the PhD.

  • Direct registration at the PhD

    (Candidates holding and MRes)

    There is a specific process of direct registration as PhD for students who have already an MRes or another type of clearly research oriented Master.


Admission process

You will initially be registered for an MRes, which comprises the specialized research coursework of the PhD. An academic committee assesses all students for transfer to the PhD in accordance with three criteria: academic record of the candidate, research skills demonstrated during the MRes and the match between the candidate research interests and Esade's lines of research. There is a specific process of direct registration as PhD for students who have already an MRes or another type of clearly research oriented Master.

When to apply

The admission process is continuous. The application process starts in October and finishes at the end of May. However, we recommend that you begin the admission process as soon as possible.

Candidates from outside the European Union should also take into account the additional time needed for visa applications.

How to apply

Submit your Application Form

To begin the process, you need to send Admissions your Apply on-line.

Send us the required documentation

> Your University academic record

> Language Aptitude test results (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC)

> GMAT or GRE score (When taking the exam, please indicate the code of Esade's PhD: GMAT: 93M-3K-62, GRE: 5761).

> CV

> 2 letters of recommendation

> Photocopy of ID card or passport


Interviews can be made by telephone/skype or face-to-face.

Specific cases of direct registration as PhD

There is a specific admission process for students who have already completed the taught part of a PhD (MRes or equivalent). In addition, for direct entry, applicants must take Esade's qualifying examinations.

Visiting PhD candidates

Visiting PhD candidates admission to ESADE PhD Programme

The candidate must have successfully completed at least one academic year in his/her university of origin. At


> ESADE, he/she must work in the same or similar field of study.


> Visiting candidates should have an ESADE faculty member who will act as tutor during his/her stay. Information about research units and faculty can be found at:

    · Research Units
    · Faculty


> Visiting candidates will have a space assigned to them in the PhD candidates’ study area, a student ID, access to the library and the right to participate in general PhD programme activities.


> Visiting candidates are not included in the medical coverage programme provided. Candidates must therefore justify that they have a right to said medical coverage or that they have medical insurance in case of accident for the period corresponding to their stay. The latter shall be accredited when formalising registration.


>Candidates do not have to pay any additional registration fee. There is a fee for officially enrol in courses / seminars.


> Visiting candidates have the right to attend class and sit exams for the courses in which they have enrolled. They will also receive a document (not a certificate) signed by PhD programme management, listing their marks and credits. If the visiting student does not take said exams, he/she will receive a letter from PhD programme management confirming his/her attendance. Those students who will not be at ESADE for the full duration of the courses in which they have enrolled may not sit the corresponding exams.

Admission Process

PhD candidates should send an application form to pilar.gallego@esade.edu, together with the following documents and information, to be submitted to the PhD programme committee that either accepts or rejects the candidate for the period requested.


The application must be presented at least 3 months prior to the period requested.


Documentation required for admission:

> Application form

> Letter of recommendation from his/her university tutor,

> Letter of recommendation from his/her PhD programme director,

> CV,

> Copy of his/her passport,

> Copy of his/her registration in the university’s PhD programme,

> Proof of medical coverage,

> Certified transcript from his/her university, detailing the classes or credits passed and marks from studies carried out previously, and

> Research proposal.


Tuition Fees

  • MRes (year 1)

    Fee: €15,400

  • PhD (year 2,3,4)

    Fee: €13,500 /year

Students entering the PhD directly from the MRes Programme are not required to pay the registration fee (see Financing).

Financing and Main sources of financing:

Esade is a non-profit private institution. Financial aid based on a need and merit may be granted by Esade in the form of scholarships.

Esade scholarships

Students who successfully complete the first year (MRes) and register as PhD are guaranteed with funding that covers full academic year tuition plus a montly stipend to cover living expenses. The stipend will be granted for 3 years conditional on the continued satisfaction of all academic requirements of the Esade PhD Programme.

PhD Candidates will have access to additional funding comming from TA/RA activities. Furthermore Esade covers costs to related to Research such as attend and present in academic conferences and/or visiting periods abroad.

When aplicable, PhD students will be requested to apply for other sources of funding such as:


AGAUR (Agencia de Gestió d’Ajuts Universitaris id e Recerca de la Generalitat de Catalunya)

Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Private institutions scholarships (ie. La Caixa)