MSc Talent Scholarships

Talent Scholarships

At ESADE we are committed to recognising and nurturing talent wherever it may be. A range of talent-based scholarships is open to you based on your nationality, gender and/or academic background.

Application Process for MSc Talent Scholarships

Financial aid is open to all applicants. If you are thinking of applying for a scholarship we urge you to do so when you make you initial application for a place on your MSc programme.

Scholarship evaluation runs in tandem with the MSc admissions process and will be based on the documents you supply for admission: scholarship essays, university transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores, recommendation letters and interview reports.

You will be personally notified of the scholarship committee's decision.

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Scholarships are not compatible with other prizes or awards granted by ESADE.

List of Scholarships

The MSc Scholarship for Excellence

The ESADE Scholarships for Excellence are awarded to talented young professionals of any nationality who have an outstanding academic record. Special consideration is given to above-average GMAT/GRE scores, and to students who perform outstandingly during the admissions process. To apply for this scholarship you should provide a maximum of two supporting documents relating to academic prizes, awards or recognition.


This scholarship is awarded by region:


> The American Talent Scholarship (Candidates from Latin America and North America or Canada)
> The Asian Talent Scholarship (Candidates from Asia-Pacific countries)
> The European Talent Scholarship (Candidates from any European country)
> The Middle Eastern Talent Scholarship (Candidates from Middle Eastern countries)

The Global Marketing Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to candidates applying to the MSc in Marketing Management. The scholarship is made irrespective of nationality to students with outstanding academic records and a special interest in marketing. Application includes a written essay that articulates your short and long-term goals in marketing post-MSc.

The Financial Services Scholarship

ESADE seeks the brightest and the best candidates for the ESADE Master in Finance. You should apply if you can offer academic excellence and have quantitatively high GMAT and university grades. Special consideration will be given to previous academic experience in this field.

The MSc for Entrepreneurs Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students with a strong entrepreneurial spirit applying for a place on the ESADE MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You will be asked to articulate any previous entrepreneurial experience in your application essay.

The MSc for Global Leaders Scholarship

This scholarship is open to candidates applying to the ESADE MSc in International Management and the MSc in Global Strategic Management. You should be able to demonstrate strong leadership skills, a global and collaborative outlook and a curiosity to find impactful and sustainable solutions. You will also be required to explain what being a good leader means to you and why you feel these Master's programmes will help you develop as a global leader in your professional future.

The Women in Management Scholarship

This scholarship is open to academically outstanding women who want to excel in careers in business.

ESADE Big Data Scholarship

Big data is shifting the fundamental paradigms of the business world, creating new business models and new leadership profiles. The ESADE MSc in Business Analytics aims to train this new professional, bridging the gap between the world of computing and that of business leaders and directors. This scholarship is open to all applicants to the MSc in Business Analytics from either technical or business backgrounds. You will be expected to demonstrate exceptional analytical skills and a passion for this field.

Want to win a 100% scholarship?

For those who wish to take the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship or the MSc in Marketing Management, ESADE offers two challenges to have your tuition fees paid in full or a second prize of 60%. What are you waiting for? Participate in the ESADE New Venture Challenge or the ESADE Marketing Professional Challenge (MARPRO)!

ESADE New Venture Challenge

> A chance to leverage the ESADE ecosystem to bring your idea to life

> An international real-life case competition with a top prize worth €28,500

> Open to graduate, post-graduate and last year undergraduate students from any university who want to take the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

> Submission proposals: 1st March

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ESADE Marketing Professional Challenge (MARPRO)

> An opportunity to prove your strategic thinking, your talent and promise as a future Marketing professional

> An international real-life case competition with a top prize worth €28,500

> Open to graduates, post-graduate and last year undergraduate students from any university who want to take the MSc in Marketing Management

> Submission proposals: 1st March

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