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MSc in International Management

Business for now, the future and the world

Business doesn’t stop at borders. And neither should you. Master the hard knowledge, the soft skills and the adaptable mindset to manage cultural differences, mobilise diverse teams and do business in a complex international context.

The ESADE MSc in International Management is your passport to a global career. Whether you wish to pursue opportunities within a multinational organisation, work overseas or simply wok in a global environment, the programme delivers some of the key knowledge and competencies that you need to manage people and get results.

A Space to Think

Before you can learn to act, you must first learn to think

The ESADE MSc in International Management is a space to stop, take a step back and contemplate.  This is where you define what kind of leader you want to be, the values you want to uphold and the objectives you want to pursue.

You already know how to debate. Now, you’ll learn to dialogue. To truly listen to others and understand them, so that you can motivate them and solve problems together. The poblems of the future will only be solved if we listen and collaborate.

You’ll learn to lead, but a different type of leadership based on systemic thinking and long term view of the challenges we face. To do so, you’ll have to develop a key skill: the ability to manage yourself. 

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