Programme Overview

Programme Overview
ESADE’s Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (60 ECTS) is directed at recent graduates. It will prepare you to become a successful entrepreneur/intrapreneur and practice innovation professionally.
By the time you graduate you will be able to:
Find, launch and manage new ventures with high-growth potential, seeking and evaluating business opportunities, designing and validating business models to build successful start-ups, and preparing business plans.
Design, implement and manage a company's innovation strategy, network or system.
Analyse and actively participate in any start-up funding process from both the founder and the funding sides.

The programme is designed to help you succeed when exploiting business opportunities or managing corporate innovation efforts. You'll acquire not only the tools and skills necessary to develop ideas but also a ‘can do’ entrepreneurial attitude.

You'll learn the core essentials of entrepreneurial management and explore areas such as opportunity appraisal and the design of conceptual business models.

As always at ESADE, emphasis will be on how to implement such complex factors by incorporating socially responsible business practices and socially beneficial values.

The ultimate goal of this Master's programme is to prepare you for leadership and innovation administration in all its ambits, from managing corporate innovation systems (new products, services, business models and processes) to creating new business opportunities and models (entrepreneurship).


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme Plan
Business Integration Path (BIP)

July 2018 – Online module

August 2018 – On campus (3 weeks)

ESADE Master in Management programmes are primarily targeted at those with undergraduate degrees in Business Administration or Economics. 

Those with other degrees (other than in Business Administration or Economics) are still invited to apply to these programmes. The Admissions Committee will assess their candidacy and, if admitted, they will be required to enrol in the Business Integration Path (BIP) course, designed to give them the grounding in management basics, which normally starts 3 weeks before the beginning of the regular Master's programme classes. The BIP course also includes an online module which normally starts around the beginning of July.

The Business Integration Path (BIP) consists of:
• 4 self Learning online courses that start on 3rd July and have to be completed before the beginning of the in class courses which take place on Sant Cugat Campus. 
• 3 weeks starting on August (before the Welcome Week) held in class on the Sant Cugat campus:

• Business Policy
• Introduction to Finance
• Introduction to Marketing
• IT for Managers
• Managing People
• Operations and Logistics
Welcome Week


The ESADE Welcome Week is designed to help you hit the ground running from day one. You'll get to know the ESADE management teams, find out how the Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship fits into the broader context of the business school, and get a full overview of the programme's academics and career services. You'll learn what is expected of you and we'll help you to make your time at ESADE a success by sharing some proven tips and guidelines. Group work is a key element of the Master's programme and you'll have the opportunity to get to know the other MSc participants straight away as you begin your journey together.

Those students who attend the Pre-MIE Programme (optional) will begin on 27th of September, before the Welcome Week starts.
Term 1: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundations | 20 ECTS


An introduction to the world of Innovation and entrepreneurship, consisting of seven core courses covering a wide range of disciplines:

• Creative Thinking
• Innovation Management
• Exploring the Opportunity
• Entrepreneurship
• Business in Society

Personal and professional development | 5 ECTS


Skill seminars:

• 3D Printing
• Business Storytelling
• Decision-making: Improving Your Judgement
• Emotional intelligence resources for a successful career
• Empowering Excel
• Gateway Seminar: E-Commerce & Technology 
• Gateway Seminar: Fashion 
• Gateway Seminar: Sports 
• Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs 
• Introductory Seminar on Big Data for Business
• Legal Issues for StartUps
• Managing Development in Poor Countries 
• Microfinance and Development
• Negotiations in Tough Environments (Inter-organisational Negotiations)
• Profession in Action: Sales
• Profession in Action: Brand
• Python for Data Science
• R for Data Science
• Rhetorical Skills for Public Speaking 
• The Leader as Actor


International study tours:

Experience a different culture during an intensive week abroad at one of the world’s leading universities. 2017 international study tours include:

 Destination  Topic

 Cape Town, University Of Cape Town  Doing Business in Africa

 Hong Kong, Hong Kong City University  Doing Business in Asia

 La Habana, Universidad de la Habana  Conociendo Cuba desde la perspectiva empresarial

 London, London School of Economics  Global Topics in Finance

 Santiago de Chile, Adolfo Ibañez University  Doing Business in Latin America

 Sao Paulo, Fundaçao Getulio Vargas  Doing Business in Brazil

 Seoul, Yonsei University  Doing Business in South Korea

 Shanghai, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance  Finance in Asia

 Washington DC, Georgetown University  Public Affairs & International Political Economy

 Silicon Valley, Stanford/Berkeley  Big Data in the Silicon Valley

 Silicon Valley, Stanford  The Silicon Valley Experience



Internship Innovation Project (I2P) | 5 ECTS

Experience real-life business cases through the Internship Innovation Project (I2P) alongside students from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech (UPC), all in many companies from Spain, looking for fresh solutions to their existing business challenges.
Term 2: Advanced Innovation & Entrepreneurship | 12 ECTS


This module will give you greater insight into the six following areas:

• Finance for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
• Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
• Product Management for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
• Advanced Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Innovators
• Internship Innovation Project

Term 3: Electives | 8 ECTS


The wide range of electives offered during this term will allow you to tailor the programme to your specific career goals.

You can choose a minimum of 8 ECTS, all with a strong practical focus. The courses feature a highly interactive methodology and are largely based on your own initiative and work.

MIE electives:

• Dealing with Intellectual Property Rights
• Development Tools for Web and Mobile Apps
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Healthcare
• Executing Corporate Innovation and StartUp Strategies
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Clean-Tech and Sustainable Energy Industries
• StartUp Immersion Class: Berlin 
• StartUp Immersion Class: London 
• Sales Management and Getting Your Beachhead Customers
• Strategic Management of Disruptive Innovation and Exponential Technology

Free electives:

• Becoming a Manager
• Business & the Environment
• Business Simulation
• Closing the Gap between Strategy and Execution: Performance Measurement Systems and KPIs
• Co-creation Strategies: Innovating Together with Customers 
• Competing with Business Intelligence & Analytics
• Corporate Strategy 
• Data Analytics
• Data Minding
• Decision - Making Marketing Research
• Design & Marketing
• Digital Business
• Digital Innovation and Business Models
• Digital Marketing Performance
• Disruptive Management 
• Emerging Markets
• Excel: Discovering the power of VBA
• Excellent consulting: The challenge of International Collaboration and Corporate Change
• Family Business Management 
• Finance for Marketing and Sales Managers
• Global Supply Chain 
• Management History (in Spanish) 
• In Search of Principles for a Life Philosophy: Lessons from Art, History and Economics 
• Leading the Management Consulting Firm 
• Leading with Impact: developing your leadership skills, becoming a leader
• Management Control Systems 
• Managing International Innovation
• Non Market Strategy
• Open Innovation and Innovation Ecosystems
• Political Risk Analysis, Geo-Economics, and Global Business
• Project Management 
• Recommender Systems
• Retail Innovation 
• Smart Cities
• Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment
• Strategic Key Account Management 
• Think, Act, Create and Lead
• 8 Lessons from Recent History and Art to Better Understand Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain (in Spanish) 


Summer term: Master's Project / Internship | 10 ECTS


You can choose from three different options:

• Business Plan: A Business Creation Project that will allow you to explore the process of identifying opportunities and implementing them.
In-company Project: You may decide do on an in-company internship in a company abroad or in Spain, to put the theory you've learnt into practice. 
• Master's thesis: A research project that allows you to delve into s specific research topic or field.

You will receive full support from your tutors, regardless of the format chosen. You will also have to complete a prior preparation course.





Extend your studies another year, including a 10-week internship abroad, and make this an incredible international experience.
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Double Degrees
Spend a second year in one of our prestigious partner schools around the world and achieve an official degree from both institutions (External Double Degree), or combine two complementary ESADE MSc programmes to suit your personal career goals (Internal Double Degree).
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