ESADE Internal Double Degree

With an ESADE MSc, you achieve absolute immersion in your chosen subject, fast-tracking you to expert status by the time you graduate. Many of the programmes we offer complement each other perfectly, so why not extend your ESADE experience and make yourself twice as employable by the time you leave us?
It’s a win-win situation: you get to spend another 18 months - 2 years with us, and the employer gets a multi-faceted professional capable of adding double the value to their company. And of course, we get to keep you for a little while longer.

For those studying our MSc in Innovation & EntrepreneurshipMSc in International Management or MSc in Marketing Management, interested in switching to another of this group of 3 programmes, we offer an express Internal Double Degree, giving you two MSc titles in only 18 months. You’ll have a lot of the groundwork covered by the time you start, so you can hit the ground running and achieve your goal in record time. The second degree programme will finish around Easter of your second year at ESADE*.

MSc in Innovation & EntrepreneurshipMSc in International Management or MSc in Marketing Management students are free to sign up for the remainder of our MSc programmes, earning two MSc titles in 24 months

The same applies to MSc in Business AnalyticsMSc in Finance and MSc in Global Strategic Management students, who can also opt for any of our MScs and earn 2 MSc certificates in 2 years. In these cases, students will need to do all the courses of both programmes.

You’re already an MSc student, so we already know you’re good- here’s your chance to be even better!

Get two official degrees (120 ECTS) in 18 or 24 months depending on your choice.
Acquire a more in-depth business education and become an expert in your chosen field.
Additional career options: Expand your network and undertake two professional internships.
Extend your stay in Barcelona, one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in the world.


18 months (two MSc Programmes with convalidation of one Core course, Study tours, skill seminars and Electives from the First MSc Programme)*

24 months (two complete MSc Programmes with no validation of courses from first Master programme is possible)

     1st MSc – September 2017 to June 2018

     2nd MSc – September 2018 to Easter 2019 (optional: September 2018 to June 2019)

*If the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is your second programme, the time required may be slightly greater due to the I2P project.

Format: Full time


Admission requirements: There is no second admissions process. The Double Degree is open to all ESADE MSc participants, provided they meet the academic requirements.


Graduation requirements: In order to graduate you will have to complete two Master's degree projects.

Each MSc offers you the possibility to conclude your programme with a final Master's degree project, a module based on initiative and your own work. You can choose between:

A Master's Thesis, aimed at demonstrating your research abilities

A Business Creation Project, aimed at fostering your entrepreneurial spirit and bringing out your creative side

An In-Company Business Project, based on a professional internship in a company overseas

You will have the chance to undertake two different projects, two Master's thesis, two business projects or two professional internships (from April to October).

For further details, please email