Faculty - ESADE Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA
ESADE's faculty team is formed by a team of professors and lecturers, which own a wealth of experience when it comes to their professional, geographical and academic backgrounds. United in their commitment to ESADE's international excellence, they ensure each student's smooth transition from secondary to university education, by providing personalised attention (with the tutorial programme option), and strive to make the most of the students' skills and competences.

These faculty members not only impart their specialised knowledge at ESADE, they also constitute a highly-qualified group of practising professionals. The fact that these faculty members are dedicated to both teaching and their professional work allows students to enjoy a wide range of benefits and relationships, which will continue far beyond the end of the 4-year BBA course. Studying the BBA degree at ESADE allows the student to form a valuable and productive network of professionals who will not only help them keep their knowledge updated but also provide them with a variety of job opportunities over the course of time.

Total number of ESADE faculty members: 1.241