Language skills

The ESADE BBA is taught in two bilingual sections (Spanish/English and Catalan/English) and also in one section taught entirely in English. Whichever option you choose, ESADE guarantees that you will have learnt to communicate fluently in two languages by the time you graduate. Your fluency in these foreign languages will include not only an excellent knowledge of business terminology but also a mastery of key competences such as negotiation.

In order to achieve this, ESADE has an exceptional resource: ESADE Language Center. Founded over 50 years ago, this centre unlocks the doors to the languages that students need in order to work in a global environment. At ELC you will learn fast with its small, participatory classes taught by native speakers, who will help you acquire a level that will allow you to carry out your business activities in an international environment, without any linguistic barriers.
An international education