Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA


Comprehensive training


General training in business management + specific training in: marketing, finance, operations, human resources and information systems.

Access to exclusive international double degrees.


Learning by doing


Innovative methodology: case studies, business simulations, training in executive skills and competencies, etc.

• Training in skills and competencies.

Unique university experience: outdoor activities, forums, associations, multicultural environment. 





• Two groups: bilingual and 100% in English.

Training in two languages: English + French or German.

• Proficiency in business English.


International experience


Semester abroad at one of the top 72 universities in the world, included in the curriculum.

International campus with more than 100 nationalities.


Proximity to the professional world


As part of the curriculum, students do professional internships at top-tier national and international companies and organisations.

• The Career Services team will help you secure a privileged position in the professional marketplace.

Professionals from major companies teach practical classes based on real-life cases.


Immediate links to the business world


92% of students find a job within three months of completing the programme.

• The average entry-level salary of graduates from the class of 2016 was €48,063.



Official degree: from Ramon Llull University

Double degrees: when studying one of ESADE's MSc Programmes in Management, students can obtain the CEMS Master in International Management and the Double Master's degree.

Duration: 4 years

Number of credits: 240 ECTS

Intake: 375 (225 bilingual sections + 150 English sections)

Teaching languages: two bilingual sections Catalan/English or Spanish/English and a 100% English-taught section

Language learning: English in bilingual section, Spanish in English Section and French or German in all sections

Professional internships: one semester in any country in the world.


Location: Barcelona-Sant Cugat Campus

Exchange programme: one semester in America, Asia, Europe or Oceania

Admission requirements: prospective students must be in the last year of high school. Their level of English must be similar to that of the First Certificate in English if they choose the bilingual section, or to the Certificate in Advanced English if they choose the English section and passing university access exams in June.

Admission process: application form + documentation + academic record for the last 4 years + ESADE's admission test or SAT or ACT + interview (optional) + passing university access exams in June.

Admission period: before completion of the last year of high school, between October and May.

Fees for the year 2019-2020: €16,600€

Grants: ESADE awards a wide range of grants.

Study loans: ESADE has signed an agreement with Banc Sabadell to offer an interest-free loan.