Career services

At ESADE we provide the means for you to fulfil your professional aspirations. For this, Career Services is at your disposal as of the first day. The office consists of a team of human resource specialists whose goal is to guide and help you to choose and plan your career.


Guide and help you to achieve your professional objectives, defining your personal interests in terms of professional area, geography, specialisation, etc.
Provide you with the tools you need to define your career, promoting contacts with professional organisations, companies and law firms for you to have a real image of the job market.

Help you to join the job market and plan your professional trajectory.


Though Career Services offers you customised service whenever you need it, it focuses primarily on two specific actions.
  • An initial personal interview:

    Whose objective is to:

    • Advise you on the best way to access the job market based on your objectives and priorities.
    • Analyse the skills and competencies you already have and which you need to strengthen.
    • Clarify any doubts you might have regarding the different professional options.
    • Provide tips and suggestions on how to successfully pass civil service entrance exams or selection processes at companies and law firms.
  • Specific sessions:

    On subjects such as:

    • ¿How to deal with selection processes
    • A workshop on preparing your CV
ESADE Law School provides students with a tutor to help them prepare for the civil service exams they’re interested in as well as help students to reorient their careers if they want to abandon them.
Companies and law firms contact students who want to begin a selection process with them. These organisations often carry out a part of this process at ESADE.
This 3-day recruitment fair is held once a year. Its aim is to provide direct contact between students and recruiting law firms and companies.
This online job bank lets you consult available internships and job offers.

The objective is to provide you the conceptual framework and practical tools you need to analyse and define your professional objectives (“What do I want to do professionally?”) and your plans to implement them in the future (“How am I going to achieve it?”). The aim is to encourage students to acquire the competencies and tools they need to join the job market. It organises several activities for this:

• Seminar Skills: students will learn about their strong points and which areas they have to improve in order to successfully undergo selection processes.

• Visits to different law firms to find out how they work and their structure, while providing students their first contact with professional reality.

• Visits from alumni to discuss their professional careers.

This centre provides information which you can use to plan your career:

• Corporate brochures from law firms and companies

• Legal directories

• Material to consult to prepare CVs, carry out successful interviews, negotiate job offers, etc.

• Guide to internships, Master’s programmes and scholarships in other countries. Career Services provides you all the information you need to work outside of Spain: in which countries you need to complete a Master to practice law, how to access an LLM to work in the United States, etc.

A book of students’ CVs is sent to leading law firms and companies for them to begin their selection processes.