Career opportunities: management + law

Law and Business Administration are two of the degree courses that offer the highest number of career opportunities. The ESADE Double Degree not only allows students to combine courses, it also produces professionals who are well prepared and versatile in the eyes of law firms, companies and institutions.

Some job opportunities offered by the Double degree in Business Administration and Law:

You’ll practise as a lawyer, representing clients in trials, conflicts and personal matters. You can build your career at law firms in Spain or abroad, or even set up your own firm.
By taking a competitive examination, you’ll have the opportunity to join the public administration’s Corps of State Attorneys. This could be an option for you if you’re interested in providing legal assistance to the administration as a whole and defending the state’s various institutions in both Spanish and international courts.
If you want to practise as a lawyer but you also like the business world, you can offer your services in this sector by advising companies on compliance matters and defending their interests in conflicts, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Your management knowledge will be an added value for your clients.
A public prosecutor is someone who presents evidence before judges in criminal cases to ensure that the perpetrator is punished. Prosecutors are not the victim’s attorneys; they are state attorneys. In order to pursue this career path, you will have to pass a competitive examination.
As a tax authority or labour inspector, you will ensure that companies comply with labour laws or that citizens comply with all fiscal laws and meet their tax obligations (paying taxes owed, tax returns, withholdings, etc.).
If you are passionate about resolving conflicts and having decision-making powers, serving as a judge is perhaps your ideal path. Your function is to maintain an objective and global view of the case, assess the evidence and arguments presented by both parties, and issue a fair verdict and sentence by applying the law.
The Council of State is an organisation that the Spanish Government consults before making key decisions. This council includes a group of attorneys who have earned their spot by passing a competitive examination. Amongst other functions, these attorneys must study, prepare and draft reports about matters on which the Council of State is consulted, and provide official judgments on those matters.
The Double Degree in Business Administration and Law will make you an interesting candidate for NGOs, government bodies, and many other international organisations and institutions.
The primary mission of a notary is to attest and certify that agreements and documents such as wills, mortgages, deeds, contracts, etc., comply with current legislation. This is an attractive career opportunity if you’re interested in practicing law and in legal matters but not interested in courts, lawsuits, negotiations, etc.
Property and mercantile registries are public institutions where you can work after passing a competitive examination. Their function is to manage the legal documents stemming from registering property and all the data that companies are required by law to register regarding their economic activities.
As a financial analyst, your function is to analyse financial markets and calculate the price of various assets as a function of their current situation and future prospects for profitability and risk. Investors will make investment decisions on the basis of your analysis.
If you like the stock market world, you can become an investment advisor to companies or individuals. You’ll have in-depth knowledge of the markets and the necessary resources to operate as an international stockbroker.
The auditor’s function is to analyse companies – or specific aspects of companies – at a particular point in time. Companies often need to find out the reasons for a particular business problem, the status of their accounts at a particular time, and whether or not they are managing their human resources properly. In such cases, external auditors take a snapshot of the situation, draw up a report, identify solutions and establish channels for action.
A brand manager is responsible for managing how a brand or product is perceived in the market and for generating consumer loyalty towards the brand, as opposed to towards its competitors. To do this job, the brand manager must consider everything from the development of the product to its packaging, price, design, consumer experience, emotional perception, advertising and more.
As a consultant, you’ll offer guidance and advice to companies and organisations in areas they are unfamiliar with or which require the input of an outside expert. Consultants work in areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, etc.

You can develop a career in any of these departments at a company or offer external consulting services in these areas:

• Marketing: You’ll define and lead the strategies that a company will follow to make its product stand out in the market.

• Finance: You’ll have the training you need to manage a company’s economic resources, assess transactions, establish financial policies, etc.

• Operations: You’ll manage the resources and coordinate the teams that make up the chain that delivers the company’s product or service to its customers.

• Human resources: You’ll select the best talent for a company, design a professional growth plan for new recruits, develop strategies to tap their full potential, etc.

• Digital innovation: You’ll oversee the management of corporate information processes, both internally (among employees, teams and departments) and externally (with clients, suppliers and external collaborators). You’ll also lead the company’s innovation and digitisation projects: developing company or product websites, creating apps, designing a corporate image, etc.

With the Double Degree, you’ll have the necessary training to hold a position of responsibility at a company, either by leading a department or division or – after gaining a few years of experience – by becoming the general manager. You’ll be prepared to lead teams, organise and coordinate resources, make decisions, etc.
Many of our graduates choose this career path. They launch their projects with enthusiasm, initiative and the solid knowledge acquired in the Double Degree programme. At ESADE, we are experts in entrepreneurship. Over the course of your education, leading experts will teach you how to develop a business idea: analyse the market, assess a company’s viability, secure financing, etc.
The fundamental mission of investment banking specialists is to generate profits using the capital of a company or individual. You’ll become familiar with the markets and the various available resources: financial derivatives, fixed-income investments, currency markets, commodities, stocks, the issue and sale of securities, etc.
This specialisation focuses on managing investments in companies that are not traded on the stock market. Investments of this sort are made to boost the development of companies shown to have potential. Your function would be to identify companies worth investing in and develop an investment plan and strategy for maximising future profits.