Language skills - ESADE Double degree
The Double Degree guarantees that you will have learnt to communicate fluently in English and French or German by the time you graduate. Your fluency in these foreign languages will include knowledge of legal and business terminology and the mastery of key competences such as negotiation, which are vital for any aspiring professional.

Over the course of the Double Degree course, your mastery of these two foreign languages will become natural, thanks to the selection of subjects taught in English, the different optional seminars in foreign languages and the fact that you will be studying alongside students and professors from the four corners of the globe. This progress will be reinforced by the exchange semester and, where applicable, with an internship within an international organisation.

In the field of languages, ESADE has an exceptional resource: Executive Language Center (ESADE-ELC). Founded over 40 years ago, this centre unlocks the doors to the languages that students need in order to work in a global environment. At ESADE-ELC you will learn fast in small, participatory classes taught by native speakers and thanks to the latest high-tech equipment.
Languages, a differentiating factor