Admission process

What procedure must you follow in order to study at ESADE?

In order to start the admission process, you must fill out the online application form. Before the application can be dealt with, you must pay a processing fee of 135 €. This fee will not be reimbursed under any circumstances. 

Please note that you should begin the admission process as early as possible, given that places are limited for the BBA in English

Candidates from outside the European Union should also take into account the additional time needed to apply for the corresponding visa to be able to study in Barcelona and for the credential with the UNEDasiss accreditation.

  • A photocopy of your passport for non-Spanish candidates or of your DNI for Spanish candidates. 
  • 1 Photo
  • Academic transcripts for the following courses:

    If you are studying in Spain or in the Spanish educational system:

    . 3rd and 4th years of ESO, and 1st year of Bachillerato (grade 9, 10 and 11 equivalent).

    Last year of high school: grades received to date.

    If you are studying abroad or following a foreign educational system:

    You must present the grades from the last four years of the secondary studies you have completed to date.

  • Official accreditation of the student’s knowledge of English (TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS), if relevant.
We only accept transcripts in English, French, Spanish or Catalan. Transcripts in other languages must be translated by an official translator. If you submit translated transcripts you must also provide the documents in their original language.

Keep in mind that if you are admitted you will need to present original transcripts or certified copies. This original documentation can be sent via post, or handed in to ESADE's Admissions office. We will only accept e-mailed versions if they are sent by a school counselor from an official school e-mail address. 

 In order for us to consider a document as an original, there are two options:
1. Ask your school to e-mail us the transcripts from an official school e-mail address.
2. Send us the original or a certified copy with a stamp (it needs to be an actual stamp, cannot be a printed stamp) via post (we can return this to you afterwards, if needed).

Please remember that your photo should be in JPEG  or PNG format and meet the following criteria:

Photo sizes should be 256 pixels high by 192 pixels wide (19 mm x 16 mm). Photos should be: recent, in colour, of the applicant’s face and taken from the front against a plain white background. In the photos, the applicant’s head should be uncovered. Applicants should not be wearing dark glasses or anything else that might prevent or impede their identification.

See a sample of ESADE's admissions test (in English). If you are applying to the Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA you can also sit the SAT or ACT.
If you are taking ESADE's admissions test, a test date will be assigned to you after you submit the online application form. If you are unable to take the test on the assigned date, please contact 

We recommend that you attend an Open Day during the admission process: you can visit the campus, talk to current students and alumni. This will help you to be well informed when deciding where to study your degree.

If the Admission Committee considers they need more information in order to process your application, you will be asked to attend a personal interview.
Candidates who have taken the admission test and submitted all required documentation will be assessed by the Admissions Committee. 

If you have been accepted, you can apply for a scholarship from ESADE or a loan from Banc Sabadell.
ESADE receives many more applications than there are places available. Therefore, if you have been accepted and want to reserve your place, around three weeks after having received confirmation of your admission, you must pay 25% of the total course tuition fee.
June 30th is the final deadline to pay  the remaining 75% of the total course fee. If you pass the last year of high school as well as the university entrance requirements in June, you can enrol in the Bachelor's degree course at the start of July.

What do we take into account when deciding whether to accept a student at ESADE?

In order to check whether you meet ESADE's admission requirements, the Admission Committee will assess the following information on an individual basis:
  • Admission application form.
  • Academic record. The average grade our students are awarded for Baccalaureate is around 8 (0-10 scale).
  • The results of the ESADE admissions test, the SAT or the ACT.
  • English level.
  • Personal interview (if relevant).

When considering applicants for admission, all these elements are given equal consideration. The final decision depends on each candidate’s position in comparison with all the applicants after the global assessment, as well as the total number of places available.

Admission process