The ESADE MBA Programme

The Esade MBA Program

The ESADE MBA Programme is designed with change in mind. Some changes are expected, such as greatly improved career prospects and the development of an impressive international business network. Others are spontaneous opportunities that need to be seized during the course of the programme.

ESADE allows you to mould your MBA to meet your requirements. Focused on the goal of transforming your ability to manage businesses in an international context, the programme is divided into two parts to offer you maximum flexibility.

After finishing your Full Time MBA, in addition to your official Master of Business Administration degree from Ramon Llull University, you will receive certificates for the Labs cursed.


The essential academic curriculum of 90 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). Here you'll develop your key managerial knowledge and abilities. Comprised of compulsory and elective contents, the Core Programme can be adapted to match your personal circumstances and professional goals.The programme will teach you to apply a logical sequence to the process of doing business:

1. Understand the context: you'll develop a deep understanding of the rapidly changing competitive environment in which you'll work as a future executive.

2. Decision Making: you'll learn to make the timely decisions you need to operate successfully.

3. Execution and Sustainability: once the decision is made, you'll learn to see it through by efficiently managing your organization's resources and leading the company into the future.

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The refinement stage of the MBA. Here you'll hone your skills and deepen your market-specific knowledge to improve your employability and future career prospects in the field of your choice. The huge range of options available to ESADE MBA programme students reflects the variety of possible career trajectories and allow you to fit the MBA perfectly to your personal requirements. Programme activities are grouped under the following broad categories:

Business Labs: Presentations, seminars and projects on specific subjects under the guidance of expert professors. You'll work in teams and increase your own employment market value as your knowledge grows. If you make the grade, you will receive a certificate from the relevant lab. Full Time MBA students will be able to choose from:

• Entrepreneurship
• Family Business
• Innovation
• Marketing

Global Study Tours:
Combining academic activities with visits to companies and institutions, the goal of Study Tours is to increase your familiarity with the business culture of the destination region.

Action Learning Consultancy Project: A chance to work in a group to analyse a real-world business problem from an ESADE partner company and propose a consultancy-style solution. The usefulness of the Action Learning MBA challenge is enhanced through activities under the guidance of a professor to develop your on-the-fly ability to apply the knowledge you will have learned during the academic programme.

Challenge-Based Innovation: ESADE MBA students have the opportunity to take part in the international CBI Project (Challenge Based Innovation) in collaboration with CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research), a world leader in the field of particle physics.

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