Business Labs



The ESADE Full-Time MBA allows you to specialize in the areas best suited to your professional goals and career plan. This process begins with your choice of elective courses and continues in MBA specializations through business labs and certificates.

The ESADE MBA labs are an excellent opportunity to specialise in areas of interest to increase your potential when preparing for a career post graduation. The chance to deepen your knowledge, network with your peers and acquire competencies specific to your needs can be found through the programme in the form of labs, both on an academic and non-academic level.

The labs provide a canvas for creating an MBA to fit your interests, with specialized electives, extra-curricular activities, international study tours, field trips and more.


Find out more about your specialization below.


  • Seminars
  • Mentorship
  • Electives with credits
  • Field trips
  • Case competitions
  • Summits, conferences

Participants can apply to obtain a lab certificate to enhance their CVs, by completing the minimum requirements for each.

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