International Growth Challenge

ESADE – Kellogg International Growth Challenge

As a unique global hands-on learning experience, the ESADE MBA programme, along with our global partners Kellogg School of Management offers this incredible opportunity to discover the world of international business and trans-border negotiations and to work together on growth strategy projects.

The International Growth Challenge is an opportunity to apply management skills and experience to a real-world growth challenge facing an international business, whilst deepening understanding of international markets and cross-cultural business practices.

A four-month programme including international travel between Barcelona and Evanston, Illinois, guidance from world-class faculty throughout, mixed teams of ESADE and Kellogg students, classes and progress reviews to devise market-based growth strategies that will provide companies with the perfect strategic growth opportunities.

The course has three primary educational objectives:

It allows students to apply their management skills and experience to a practical, real-world growth challenge facing an international business.
It is intended to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of international markets, business practices and cultural norms.
It offers students the chance to continue developing their teamwork and analytic problem-solving skills in a cross-cultural context.
International Growth Challenge Course Calendar

February Student team assignments announced

 March On-site project kick-off at ESADE


Weekly faculty team meetings

Evanston mid-term review weekend

Mid-term client progress reviews

 May Weekly faculty team meetings


On-site final recommendations at ESADE

Final project reports due to faculty


"I see the Growth Challenge as a great opportunity to build exposure, and to gain insight into not just of a European company, but also of the US consumer market - how the US consumer think and behave, diving specifically into the details and behaviors of consumers across cities and states. This is also a great opportunity to build strategic thinking skills, providing a real-world experience outside of the classroom that the other classes do not provide.

The Growth Challenge has so far provided quite a challenge, as it is a big project that can go any direction, and the team needed to put together a framework and work plan to make sure we keep on track. The team has been great and professional, and putting a lot of time into the weekly deliverables, despite the difference in time zone which is a challenge. The client has also been very supportive and willing to engage and provide more information that we need from time to time. Professor Sirkin, coming from a great background in consulting and a thought leader in his field, has provided great mentorship and has been helping to guide the team towards the right direction, probing the team to ask the right questions. With great support all round, the team is confident to deliver a value-adding proposal to the client."

Stanley Liu
MBA Candidate | Class of 2016

Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

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