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ESADE Business School
Ursi van der Herten
Av. d'Esplugues, 92-96
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Phone +34 935 543 531
Mob. +34 638 424 586

Design Thinking for Business Innovation

Design Thinking is a framework for focusing on solutions instead of problems. The Design Thinking for Business Innovation program from ESADE Business School and Aalto University Executive Education will take you on a seven-day deep dive into its goal-oriented and actionable methodology, and show you how to make it work.

You’ll emerge with a tool kit of new skills, ready to drive innovation and create value for your business and its customers.

Harness your organization’s potential


Where? Helsinki and Barcelona

When? May 23-31, 2018

Why Do I Need Design Thinking?
Finding fast, effective solutions to complex challenges calls for a new approach to innovation.

Design Thinking empowers you to fast-track concept development by unblocking creativity.

Connect directly with your customers’ needs and meet them by aligning your company around goal-focused innovation.

What Are the Take-Away Benefits?

New tools and methodologies to...

Generate and implement cross-company innovation – at all levels

Accelerate knowledge flow within your organization

Capture insights, promote creative and critical thinking, and drive business model design

Understand and meet customer needs

Quickly develop powerful prototypes

Conceive and execute agile strategies that link innovation to growth

Quantify value propositions and increase the effectiveness of sales presentations

Maximize value creation and value capture

What Will I Do?

Over seven intense days in two countries, you’ll explore and understand the framework of Design Thinking, see it in action, then learn how to practically apply it to business models in your organization.

07-18 May 2018
Kick-off Module

The program starts with online content in early May, prior to the Helsinki module. This virtual kick-off is an integral part of the program and will require one-two working hours per week.

Day 1 - Helsinki - May 23
Discovering Design Thinking

• Design Thinking and innovation

• Design Thinking methodology and tools

• Learning by doing: problem definition

• Company visit

Day 2 – Helsinki - May 24
Creating and Understanding Customer Value

• Understanding what creates value for customers

• Learning to use tools for assessing and improving customer value

• Designing optimal value propositions

• Learning by doing: creating customer insights

• Company visit

Day 3 – Helsinki - May 25
Developing Powerful Prototypes

• Idea-generation process

• Creating concepts for potential solutions

• Designing fast prototypes

• Collecting feedback and user insights with prototypes

• Learning by doing: designing prototypes and testing

Day 4 – Barcelona - May 28
Exploring Solutions through Experiments

• Managing projects with uncertainty

• From fast prototypes to market validation

• Designing and running entrepreneurial experiments

• Learn by doing: identifying uncertainties, designing experiment set-ups

• Learning from others

Day 5 – Barcelona - May 29
Designing Innovative Business Models

• Designing Innovative Business Models

• The importance of business models in Design Thinking innovation projects

• Moving from value creation to value capture and growth

• Managing perceived price and perceived value

• Learning by doing: business model design

Day 6 – Barcelona - May 30
Product-market fit and scaling-up

• Product-market fit and traction modelling

• Agile principles to accelerate learning

• Scaling and growth

• Learning by doing: agile learning

• Project presentations

Day 7 – Barcelona - May 31
Solving the Execution Challenge

• Implementing Design Thinking

• Learning by doing: bringing Design Thinking to your organization

• Graduation

Who Should Participate?

Design Thinking for Business Innovation is for corporate leaders and senior executives responsible for strategy, marketing, sales or innovation. Participants share the goal of integrating cutting-edge creative practices into their business processes and corporate structures.

Who Delivers the Program?

The Design Thinking for Business Innovation program is delivered by faculty members from two of Europe’s top business education institutions, ESADE Business School and Aalto University Executive Education. It combines their experience and expertise in pioneering leadership development and general management programs.

Lotta Hassi

Lotta Hassi

Academic Director and Lecturer, ESADE Business School

Dr. Mikko Laukkanen

Dr. Mikko Laukkanen

Academic Director, Aalto University Executive Education

José Manuel Perez

José Manuel Perez

CEO Product Lab, Academic collaborator, Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences Department.

Dr. Luis Vives

Dr. Luis Vives

Director, Full Time MBA ESADE Business School

“The combination of Design Thinking and business models is a really powerful way to deliver market-changing innovations with good returns.”

Dr. Luis Vives
Director, Full-Time MBA, ESADE Business School

"Design Thinking is a powerful methodology to harness the inherent uncertainty of innovation."

Lotta Hassi
Academic Director and Lecturer, ESADE Business School
What Do Participants Say?
Alessia Sterpetti
Innovation and Sustainability
Enel S.p.A., Italy
“As creative facilitator, my role requires me to be on top of the latest trends, keeping my knowledge base fresh and up to date, so I regularly attend programs and conferences to ensure I know what is happening in my sector. The Design Thinking program, however, gave me much more than I had thought possible; I was able to balance the theoretical side of things with a more practical approach and see the results quickly.
I can’t stress enough how valuable and powerful a tool this is in my line of work when you want to familiarize yourself with a specific methodology. Back at work, I am now able to apply Design Thinking processes without difficulty and this is the biggest and most important result for me! ”

Christopher Stone
Chief Executive Officer
CSE Corp., USA
“I was curious about this program because I felt ‘stuck’ with our corporate strategy. Business Innovation is exactly what my company needed in the highly regulated industry in which it competes. How do you differentiate yourself in a market place where contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder and the terms of government contracts dictate your business model? I returned home every evening during this program excitedly sketching out the ideas presented during the day. A couple of weeks after the course ended, I finally was able to process everything that I had learned and arrive at what we hope will be an industry disrupting business model. And the tools I now have in my toolbox since completing the program have me exploring other ideas in other industries as well. Going to the office is exciting again!.”

Youngsoo Lee
Card Business & Analysis Team / Deputy General Managerz
"Design thinking is a very helpful tool for people involved in all manner of innovation processes and communications. ESADE’s Design Thinking Program gives participants the opportunity to share ideas with other people within the industry and see how this methodology is used in real day-to-day business. A hugely valuable experience that will make it considerably easier to promote change and growth within my company. ”

Hallgrim Sagen
Design Director
Cisco, Norway
"The Design Thinking program at ESADE brings the creative mindset of the design world and the structured and analytical methodologies from the business world together in a powerful blend of practical and theoretical exercises. Inspiring intensity and a fantastic energy boost!"

What do companies say?
Oriol Lloret
Head of Early Stage Innovation & Emerging Products
Telefonica CCDO, Spain
“Working with Design Thinking in a structured and systematic way, and with the best people, has dramatically improved the results we get from a limited budget. This enables us to try more things with the same amount of resources or time, thus multiplying the impact.”

Graham Rittener
& Blake McEldowney
Founding Partners
Zinc, Spain
"At Zinc, we believe 'Design Thinking' will be at the heart of every great company in the future. The idea of including users throughout the innovation process to help frame your problem and act as a sounding board when developing concepts and prototypes - so that your final product / service is rooted in user needs – makes perfect sense”

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Places on the Design Thinking for Business Innovation program are limited. Please contact us now to receive further details.

May 23 to 31, 2018

Helsinki and Barcelona

Program Fee
Early bird fee of 6.500 € until Feb 28

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ESADE Business School
Ursi van der Herten
Av. d'Esplugues, 92-96
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Phone +34 935 543 531
Mob. +34 638 424 586
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