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Successful recruitment means finding the candidate with the most suitable profile. Find out what the students on each ESADE program have to offer.


The ESADE BBA sets students up for a bright professional future. It’s an undergraduate business programme that provides an intensive and practical learning experience. Students discover their own capabilities and talents within a group of exceptionally talented peers.

All students can take part in internships both in Spain and abroad to gain a more global perspective, and choose to also study an ESADE MSc to achieve a highly regarded double degree.

BBA students’ profiles


With several top-ranked programmes under the MSc umbrella, including International Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing Management, our MSc students have all the fundamental tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive market. All Masters programmes are designed to give students a 360º vision of their specific subject whilst also achieving in-depth knowledge of the business world.

All MSc Programmes

Master in Business Analytics
ESADE's Master in Business Analytics aims to train a multifaceted professional, bridging the gap between the world of compunting and that of business leader and directors.
Master in Finance
ESADE’s Master in Finance is highlighted as number one in the world in aims achieved and international mobility, and was ranked second worldwide by the Financial Times in June 2015. ESADE is one of only three CFA® Programme Partner schools in Spain.
Master in Global Strategic Management
ESADE, McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia and Lingnan (University) College, joing forces to offer the Master in Global Strategic Management, which allow to students study in 3 different regions of the world.
Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship develops the expertise of students in a variety of aspects involved in the innovation value chain. They can choose to specialize in Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, or Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship, depending on their career goals.
Master in International Management
Our MSc in International Management takes students on a global journey of learning. It was ranked twelve-best in the world by the Financial Times in September 2015 and highlighted as number two in the world for international business, and number three for international job mobility.
Master in Marketing Management
The programme is tailored to meet our students’ professional goals. They can take full advantage of ESADE’s prime location in Barcelona, a global benchmark in sport, fashion, technology and e-commerce, to hone in on these areas, or get first-hand experience of sales, communication or consulting.
Highly-specialised and top ranked in the world, it is the perfect platform for successful future careers in this field.

CEMS is a global alliance of leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs that together offer the CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM).

As a founding and sole Spanish member of CEMS, ESADE offers highly motivated individuals the opportunity to obtain two renowned international qualifications by combining an ESADE MSc programme in management with the CEMS MIM.

The CEMS MIM immerse students culturally and linguistically while challenging them to actively put their skills into practice. It gives them valuable opportunities to discuss real-life business situations with specialists from multinational corporations and prestigious academic institutions.

This exposure to experts is one of the factors that led the Financial Times to rate the programme as number four in the world in September 2015.

Programme duration is 12 months (after finishing the MSc).

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The ESADE Full Time MBA is world-renowned for its success in shaping resilient business leaders, capable of generating positive impact and adapting to organizations across all sectors. With the option of studying for the MBA in 12, 15 or 18 months, students can customize their study to meet their individual requirements and career plans. With over 90% of the student body made up of international students, this is one of the market’s most diverse and sought-after MBA programmes.

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Legal specialists with an international vision. The ESADE Law Degree programme develops professionals with knowledge that goes beyond the typical and encompasses transnational law. This is reinforced during an international exchange programme that allows adaptation to different cultures. The study and use of legal English as a second language is compulsory in the programme to prepare students to work anywhere in the world. The development of abilities and skills like leadership, oral and written expression, negotiation and teamwork give students comprehensive expertise and a fully rounded professional profile.

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We develop professionals with a double perspective, combining a specialist knowledge of transnational legal systems with a global vision of business. Theoretical knowledge is put into practice through the experience of simulated legal trials, business competitions and moot courts. During the programme, students undertake an exchange programme that develops essential international experience in real work environments and allows them to adapt to different cultures and systems. The result is graduates who are highly valued for their abilities in leadership, written and oral expression, negotiation and teamwork.

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We develop next-generation legal professionals with skills in leadership, bilingual oral and written expression, negotiation and teamwork. They are experts in law with international vision and experience, thanks to the exchange programme that provides vital experience working in other business cultures and legal systems.

This double qualification prepares students to work as lawyers and experts in specific areas of law, with deep knowledge of their chosen fields and a broad, global vision. Students also gain vital international experience, preparing them to work in environments different to those they are familiar with. The programme improves their leadership capabilities, the quality of their written and oral expression, their ability to negotiate and their teamwork skills.

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The programme develops competitive professionals with an international legal vision and specific knowledge of Spanish and international business regulations. Graduates are specialists with deep understanding of accounting and financial analysis, capable of thriving under pressure and oriented towards serving clients’ needs. They develop solid negotiation, communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

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Legal experts specialized in in taxes and tax planning procedures, both nationally and internationally, graduates thrive under pressure and work with a clear, client-focused vision. They are highly valued for their analytical skills and their ability to negotiate, communicate orally and in writing, and work in teams.

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The programme develops enterprising experts with a high potential to innovate. Graduates are specialists, able to understand and assist companies in their development and expansion through Internet and social networks. Their knowledge of the current, fast-changing environment, new business models and new information models equips them with the ability to adapt to new developments. They develop the ability to thrive under pressure and remain focused on the needs of their clients.


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