Solucions per a empreses

Programes específics de Management/Àrees Funcionals

Els nostres programes, integrats i eminentment pràctics, ofereixen sempre enfocaments estratègics orientats a l’obtenció de resultats.

Els nostres professors són experts en les matèries més tradicionals (estratègia, innovació, lideratge, màrqueting, finances, operacions…).

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Geopolitics & Lobbying

Sports Management

Digital Management


Family Business

Advanced Management Training

Exploring the New Frontiers of Management

ESADE leverages its research expertise to design wholly disruptive programmes able to take executives out of their intellectual comfort zone and into the learning zone. These programmes are usually developed with partners, such as NASA, Singularity University or CERN. 

They focus on topics such as: Exponential Technologies & Organisations; Moonshot Thinking; Artificial Intelligence for Business; Competing in the Machine Era; VUCA Strategy & Leadership; Competing in High-Tech Environments; Customer Centricity; Transient Competitive Advantage; Managing Complexity; Lean Start-Up; Design Thinking; Open Innovation; Digital Transformation; etc.

Innovation & Transformation