PhD in Management Sciences

PhD in Management Sciences

ESADE ofrece un programa de Doctorado, a tiempo completo, para estudiantes que quieren desarrollar una carrera académica e investigadora en management. El programa proporciona una formación rigurosa en habilidades y metodología de investigación, y permite a sus graduados iniciar una carrera académica en sus respectivos campos de especialización. Para ser admitido al PhD es obligatorio haber superado el Master of Research in Management Sciences (MRes).

El PhD in Management Sciences obtuvo en la convocatoria 2008-2009 la Mención de Calidad a los programas de doctorado que otorga el Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia.


Georges Samara
Associate Editor, Business Ethics: A European Review, Wiley
"Why do a PhD at ESADE? While much has been said on the research skills that you acquire at ESADE, my testimony is going to take another direction, the direction of your life story. You start your first class at ESADE by narrating your life story, without knowing that the ESADE PhD will shape your future life story. You transform from being a citizen of a country, to becoming a citizen of the world. You have the discretion to pursue your dreams, any dream. Diversity, freedom, and integrity: This is why you should do a PhD at ESADE."

Mohammad Ghaderi, PhD 2017
Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Barcelona, Spain

"The ESADE PhD programme is truly unique of its kind due to its highly dynamic, supportive, friendly, and incredibly multicultural environment. The programme gives you the freedom to explore, and to be creative with your research. Moreover, ESADE has high-profile and diverse board of faculty and PhD candidates, where everyone is very collegial and accessible and willing to listen to your ideas. ESADE has helped me to grow as a researcher, and to develop strong pedagogical skills by teaching at BBA, MSc, and the prestigious ESADE MBA programme"
Stefan Markovic
Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

"The ESADE PhD programme has helped me to develop qualitative and quantitative methodological skills that have allowed me to grow as a researcher and to publish in highly-regarded journals. It has provided me with the opportunity to work with multicultural and multidisciplinary scholars in a friendly and supportive environment. It has also offered me many teaching opportunities across different programmes that have enabled me to develop my pedagogical skills. All in all, I highly recommend the ESADE PhD programme to all those pursuing a successful academic career in Management Sciences."
Leticia Mosteo, PhD 2015
Lecturer at International Business School Intebus, Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences (Köln, Germany)

"Having accomplished the PhD Programme at ESADE has allowed me to daily learn from and work hand in hand with internationally-recognized experts on research methods, leadership development and organizational psychology. Surrounded by an amazing intercultural atmosphere that continuously fosters personal and social development, I was also awarded to complete visiting periods at other excelling institutions like Columbia University and the Weatherhead School of Management, shaping further strategic research bonds."
Myrto Chliova, PhD Candidate
Myrto Chliova, PhD Candidate, Entrepreneurship Institute / Institute for Social Innovation, ESADE
 "The PhD program of ESADE has offered me a rounded education covering different theoretical and methodological perspectives, a mutli-cultural and highly supportive group of colleagues with which to learn, as well as the opportunity to pursue my research interests and forge international collaborations".


Características principales

Duración de los estudios: 3 años académicos
Fecha de inicio: septiembre del 2012
Dedicación: Full Time
Idioma: Inglés
Titulación: Doctor por la Universitat Ramon Llull
Perfil de los participantes: Los participantes admitidos deberán tener interés en la investigación, además de contar con un excelente expediente académico. El programa está abierto a licenciados en cualquier disciplina cuyo objetivo sea el estudiar las principales tendencias en el campo de Ciencias de la Gestión y las metodologías de investigación desde una perspectiva teórica. 
Campus: ESADE Barcelona-Sant Cugat
Proceso de admisión: Para el curso 2012-2013, de octubre de 2011 hasta 1 de mayo de 2012.

Info académica
Info académica
Info académica
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