13th CEMS SPANISH SUMMER SCHOOL, a course designed exclusively for CEMS candidates, will be held at ESADE Barcelona.

Students who already have a good level of Spanish can spend three weeks at the ESADE CEMS Summer School in order to achieve the CEMS language requirements for Spanish.

The course runs from the 7th to the 25th of July 2014, and classes will be held at ESADE’s Executive Language Center in Barcelona.

Students will work on their oral and written language skills with a view to fulfilling the new CEMS language criteria. The objective is to enable students to work effectively in Spanish in a professional environment and to become more proficient in terms of:

formal presentation skills and language;
meetings and problem solving skills for interactional communication;
written skills for the composition of fit for purpose modern business reports and management texts.



Classes are highly interactive: Students will benefit from ESADE’s method of task-based learning using real-life role-playing situations, many of which have been devised by our teaching staff especially for students of Business Spanish.

CEMS MBC exam tasks will be practised and students will receive help and feedback on their oral communication skills and written work.


Entry requirements:
CEMS students

Entry level of Spanish required: B1

*The programme could be offered at a different time by request if universities can confirm the participation of at least 10 students.

Number of students per group: 14 maximum. ESADE reserves the right to cancel the course should the minimum number of students required (6) not be reached.

Application period: February 15th to June 15th, 2014

Procedure: To register for the course please complete the enclosed Registration Form or email to

On receipt of the registration form you will be contacted in order to carry out a brief oral test.

Proof of present level will be requested.

Please note that course tuition fees are payable by credit card only.

Inicio: July 7th, 2014
Final: July 25th, 2014
1,150 ¤
Horario: 3 weeks [75 hours]
de plazas:


Course contents will be oriented towards the types of activities required in the MBA exams, and will cover:

Oral Skills

In-depth consideration will be given to:

The various aspects of preparing presentations;
The language resources needed for effectively delivering a presentation;
Formal expressions, tailored to the specific type of presentation;
Cultural differences, where relevant.

In meetings, students will practise how to:

Bear in mind the different roles of participants;
Recognise and use appropriate phrases to present subjects;
Make suggestions and get a meeting back on track;
Accept and reject proposals;
Take cultural aspects into account.

In negotiations, students will practise how to:

Observe and recognise cultural factors involved in negotiations;
Consider the possible influence of cultural differences;
Use knowledge of these factors in intercultural negotiations;
Work on linguistic aspects: appropriate constructions for communicating intentions, reaching agreements, and so on.

Written Skills

Students’ written work will focus on the essentials of writing clear texts. Prompts including written texts and recordings will be used and students will draft reports and memoranda, concentrating on the formal usage of language, syntax, register, vocabulary and stylistic consistency.

Vocabulary and Grammar

The vocabulary sessions include examples from the CEMS ‘Common Body of Knowledge’. Students will practise the grammatical structures needed to conduct negotiations and meetings, deliver presentations and write documents effectively.


Please let us know if you need accommodation, as we can help you to arrange accommodation for your stay in Barcelona.

For further programme details, please contact our CEMS Spanish Co-ordinator, Ms. Ana Señor, at

The deadline for registration is June 15th, 2014.

We look forward to meeting you at ESADE in July.

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