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What legislation, case-law and doctrine databases can I access?
You can search for laws, case-law and doctrine in several databases:
  • La Ley Digital: more than 35,000 unabridged articles covering all law subjects with particular emphasis on doctrine.
  • Aranzadi Instituciones: particular emphasis on references including the full text of all journal articles and directories published by Aranzadi.
  • QMementos: lncludes studies of tax, accounting and social.

Where can I find model documents?
La Ley Digital, QMementos and Aranzadi Instituciones all provide models for court documents, contracts and administrative procedures in all legal fields, revised and updated by practising legal experts in each area.

I need to find a collective bargaining agreement
La Ley Digital and QMementos all have unabridged texts of collective agreements, with revisions and implementation rules in all business sectors, both at regional and inter-regional levels.

Where can I find digital versions of journals on international law?
Go to e-Journals to locate the names of some international law journals with the high impact factors.
You can search by journal title or browse all the available law journals by specialist legal areas, with links to the full text. Some of them are:
  • Harvard Law Review
  • Columbia Law Review
  • American Business Law Journal
Business Source Premier, Wiley Online Library and HeinOnline are other databases that feature international law journals.

Where can I find EU legislation and case-law?
EUR-Lex is the benchmark database offering free access to EU legislation and other public-domain documents such as COM, white papers, green papers, parliamentary questions and much more.

I need to know whether an EU directive has been applied to a country's legislation
To find out, search for the directive in EUR-Lex > Bibliographic notice > View National Implementation Measures (NIM).

Where can I view the treaties establishing the European communities and the European Union?
EUR-Lex contains the basic documents of the European Union and the European communities: the founding treaties (original versions and subsequent updates), the amending treaties, the accession treaties of each of the six enlargements and other essential documents.
We also suggest you take a look at the EU Community Law Guide.
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Acceso exclusivo para los miembros de ESADE La Ley Digital
Acceso exclusivo para los miembros de ESADE Aranzadi Instituciones 
Acceso exclusivo para los miembros de ESADE vLex
Acceso exclusivo para los miembros de ESADE Kluwer Arbitration
Acceso exclusivo para los miembros de ESADE HeinOnline
Acceso exclusivo para los miembros de ESADE QMementos

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