Terms of Use
The following may use the Library:
  • Jesuits of the Borja Centre
  • Jesuits of the former S.J. Province of Catalonia
  • Faculty of the Institute of Basic Theology (ITF)
  • ITF students
  • ITF staff
  • Members of the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) academic community (students, faculty and administrative and service staff)
  • Nominal users, whether permanent or temporary, as authorised by the Library’s management   
These groups are subject to the regulations of The Borja Library, except users of Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), who are subject to the university’s general regulations. 
List of services
Users of The Borja Library are entitled to use the following services, depending on the groups they belong to:
  • Access to the Reading Room
  • Use of the Library’s public facilities and help in using them
  • Requesting and consulting documents in the Library Collection
  • Help in searching for and obtaining information
  • Copying of documents
  • Loans
  • Inter-Library Loans
  • Loans between URL libraries
  • In situ URL loans
  • User training 


Users rights depend on the group(s) to which they belong