Marc Vilanova Pichot
Lecturer, Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability at ESADE
Contracted Doctoral Professor URL

Director, Department of Society, Politics and Sustainability
Academic Manager, Master of Science in International Management, Master of Science in International Management


  • Doctorado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas. ESADE
  • Bachelor of Science. Shepherd College

Areas of interest

  • Responsible Competitiveness
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Innovation
  • Business Ethics
  • Accountability
  • Global Businesses


Professional Background Marc Vilanova has a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Economics (Shepherd University, USA) and a PhD in Management Sciences from ESADE Business School, focused on managing responsible competitiveness through culture, identity, paradoxes and narratives. Marc is a Researcher at the Institute for Social Innovation and Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences.
Marc began his career as a consultant in Tokyo, developing projects in developing countries funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency. He then moved on to work in internationalisation consultancy services at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Following this, he became Managing Partner of a consultancy firm in Barcelona and a freelance consultant for various companies.
In 2001, Marc began his collaboration with the Institute for the Individual, Corporations and Society (currently the Institute for Social Innovation), first as a Research Assistant and then, since 2006, as a Research Associate. He took up the post of Lecturer in the Department of Social Sciences in 2009 and is also Researcher at the Institute for Social Innovation.
His academic work focuses on the areas of responsible competitiveness, corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and accountability. His latest academic article, exploring the relationship between CSR and firm competitiveness, has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics. Besides collaborating with ESADE, Marc is working on projects with the United Nations University, Ryerson University, Hitotsubashi University, Waseda University, Umniversity College Dublin and the Polytechnic University of Catalunya among others. In 2009, Marc was a Research Fellow at the Aspen Institute Centre for Business Education in New York. He is currently directing a research project on the innovation processes that are generated in large companies during CSR strategy development and implementation processes.
Since 2013 Marc is also the Academic Director of the Msc in International Management at ESADE, which in 2014 was ranked number 6 in the world.

Selected publications

Vilanova Pichot, M. (2011). Sustainable innovation as a driver for competitiveness. Barcelona: ESADE.

Sauquet Rovira, A., Morsing , M. & Vilanova Pichot, M. (2011). Epilogue. In Sauquet Rovira, A. & Morsing , M., Business schools ant their contribution to society business schools as usual (pp. 540-560). London; Madrid; Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Vilanova Pichot, M., Lozano, J. & Arenas Vives, D. (2009). Exploring the nature of the relationship between CSR and competitiveness. Journal of Business Ethics, 87 (Supplement 1), pp. 57-69.

Vilanova Pichot, M., Lozano, J. & Dinares Fernández, M. (2006). Accountability: comunicación y reporting en el ámbito de la RSE. Buenos Aires; Madrid: Forética.