Luca Del Viva
Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting at ESADE
Contracted Doctoral Professor URL

Academic Director, Master of Science in Finance


  • PhD in Economia Aziendale. University of Pisa
  • Laurea Degree in Economia Aziendale. University of Pisa

Areas of interest

  • Asset pricing
  • Banking and financial stability
  • Credit risk


Luca Del Viva holds a PhD in Management from the University of Pisa, Italy. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Financial Management and Control at ESADE. 
His past and current research focuses on the impact of banking regulation in preserving financial stability, financial system and sovereign credit risk, credit risk and the role of information ambiguity in asset pricing. His recent research focuses on the evaluation of the new banking regulation in preventing banking crisis (published in Journal of Banking and Finance and in Annal of Finance). His on-going research examines the effect of incomplete information and idiosyncratic risk in asset pricing. Additionally, in separate projects, he attempts to study the interconnection between the financial system and the sovereign credit risk, the effects of the countercyclical banking capital requirements and empirically tests the validity of structural models of credit risk.
Luca is an ad hoc referee for the Journal of Financial Intermediation, the Journal of Banking and Finance and International Finance.

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