Rambla of Innovation

The ESADE Experience

An ecosystem for creation and business experimentation

The Rambla of Innovation is a space dedicated to home-grown business research and innovation, located on ESADE’s Sant Cugat Campus. The Rambla houses five labs where education is blended with innovation and experimentation.

It is a path that leads from the conception of a new idea (Fusion Point), through the investigation and feasibility testing of that idea (Decision Lab), the manufacturing of prototypes (Fab Lab) and the definition of the business model (EGarage), to the creation and implementation of a company (EWorks). It is a circular ecosystem, with no beginning and no end.

  1. Fusion Point
  2. Decision Lab
  3. Fab Lab
  4. EGarage
  5. EWorks

ESADE Rambla de la innovación


At the Rambla of Innovation new products and services are developed; innovative studies are conducted in such diverse fields as consumer behaviour, behavioural economics, decision-making analysis and social entrepreneurship; experimental studies are carried out; products are developed; and business projects are started up. And all this generates a flow of knowledge that enriches the programmes and the participants’ experience.

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